Are you Addicted to a Bad Relationship?

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“When someone shows you who they are, believe them; the first time.” ~ Maya Angelou

When is it time to let go of a relationship?

Are you addicted to a bad relationship?

This is one of the most difficult things to know because relationships involve feelings of loyalty and trigger our fears of abandonment. It can be especially difficult to get out of emotional roller coasters when love and sex are involved.

Is it healthy?

Is it destructive?

As you are on your journey to create a healthier life, sometimes you outgrow a relationship.

Remember that relationships are about shared habits. When your habits change, you may have to cut off old relationships just like you would cut out unhealthy old habits.

You have a homework assignment:

Watch the video and then think of your most difficult relationship right now. It may be a job or friendship, not just a romantic relationship.

Now ask yourself which category this relationship needs to go into:

1. Sanity

In this choice, you decide that the good outweighs the bad in the relationship and that you are ultimately growing. Be sane by releasing the expectations that this person will change and learn to accept them and enjoy them for who they are.

2. Insanity

Get out of this choice as soon as possible! 90 percent of people get stuck in relationship insanity—this is when you stay in a relationship but are angry all the time because the other person can’t match your expectations. Either change the expectations to be in the sanity choice, or move to the 3rd choice—change.

3. Change

It is scary and difficult to change, because even relationships that torment you and drive you crazy exist because on some level you enjoy the drama and are afraid to let go.

Trust that something better is coming if you release your unhealthy attachments and addictive love patterns.

Psalm Isadora

Founder, Urban Kama Sutra Yoga

Psalm Isadora is a Tantra expert, author and yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. She has taught thousands of workshops internationally and specializes in simplifying the methods of Tantra to help modern men and women have mindful sex and intimacy. She has travelled extensively in India to learn the ancient secrets of Tantra and make them accessible to everyone.