Finding the inner power of unplugged

Imagine: 4 weeks with no internet connection, no mobile phone connection, a landline that barely functions and sometimes not at all, far away from the crowd, with just silence and nature around…

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And I am wondering here what your first reaction is reading those few lines: horror, longing? Do you think you would love it or hate it? Have you maybe already tried it?

I usually have real time off at lest a couple of weeks every year and I find it keeps me sane! Last year though I did not have much of a chance to do it so I thought I owuld take double dose this year! And the last 12 months had been particularly full-on, busy, buzzy in every way, in a very good but full way. So, at the beginning of August, I retired to my ususal hide-out in the French countryside, an isloated family house, far away from any kind of civilisation (the nearest shop is 10 miles away); with only fields and more fields in the distance. Now, it is so isolated that there is absolutely no mobile connection and no internet connection possible. And as we had terrible thunderststorms for a few days, we were even withouth light and landline phone for 48 hours. It gave me time to rest (I slept about 11 hours per night most of the time!) and time to think...

The first thing I noticed was my state of mind and I was so intrigued I kept track for the fist few days. From a very agitated, fidgety state, with my head buzzing with ideas, I gradually unwound to a very calm and peaceful state. But it took me about 4 days to get there. My pace slowed, I felt very free and, interestingly, very creative. As my mind was calming down, plenty of interesting ideas wre coming up, new thoughts, good business ideas, answers to things I had been reflecting on for months.

Now, of course, I know all that, I teach it constantly and I do make a point of taking breaks regularly. But what I learnt this time was not just confirmation of what I already knew but also that to let our true power, our true self appear, we need to take a step back regularly and just take time.

Taking time out is the key to letting ideas emerge, being creative, finding answers to important questions, making the right decision, writing or creating something. You need space and time for that, you need calm and to be able to get in touch with what is deep down inside. You cannot do that in the chaos of a busy schedule, squeezed in between two appointments.

I now feel stronger, more empowered, more at peace with myself, with a calm and clear mind, I feel I know what I want and I am going out there to get it!

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