​Great Wake Up Blog: Week #26

This week's challenge? Putting down the phone and embracing the downtime...

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I love the idea of being able to do stuff during those downtime moments - in a book I read years ago, I embraced the idea of using 'dead time', time in which you're not actually doing anything and can be used for anything else. I use this principle a lot - I read articles when I'm in a queue for coffee, maybe play Monument Valley for ten minutes when I'm stuck in a waiting room somewhere, listen to music or a podcast when I'm waiting for something.

This challenge therefore was something a little bit challenging. Although I couldn't sacrifice my morning 'reading on the bus time' - actually read that as 'wouldn't' (you can prise my 40 minutes of book time from my cold, dead hands) - I made sure that when I was waiting, that I put my phone and other distractions aside.

It was... strange. Oddly liberating, but strange. I found myself listening more to the ambience of the coffee shops I were in, the medical waiting rooms. I found myself more calm and more centered. Admittedly, when my phone went off, I did check it, but then I returned the phone.

The lure of filling my free time might be too strong, I have to admit - I'm already fitting in more downtime and more quiet time into my day, so I can't see too much wrong with reading when I'm waiting; however, it won't be my instant go-to, or at least I won't be aiming for it. Sometimes it's nice to completely unplug - even if it's just for two minutes while waiting for your order...


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over 5 years ago
Great Chris, nice insight that even 2 minutes unplugging can make a difference. Big love, C x