What to do when you just lack energy for anything

We all have days when things just feel like a big slog - if that's you today, here's few tips to aid progress

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Ok so the weather has been glum and I'm in need of a holiday and sunshine but my partner just took a new job and so holiday plans are a tad in the air at the moment. But the general sense of "Oh no...I just don't feel like doing anything" are not uncommon even for a productivity coach like me. Believe me. Over last days I have had a number of those mornings where I just want to pull the duvet over my head and stay in bed sleeping. So here's a few insights and tips from such moments and hours and days and how to use them to support you in building the grit to keep working on those goals.

1. If you're finding yourself physically tired often, consider going to the GP and checking your bloods. Many of my clients have found that they were low on Iron or Vitamin D. Both contribute to feeling achy and low in energy and without much sun to top up with, you could just need a supplement.

2. Give yourself a proper day off. I gave into my need to stay in bed and after 90min of extra sleep I awoke rested and ready to have the most productive day ever! Sometimes our bodies just need to heal. It could be a virus or general sniffles but the immune system can easily drag us down whilst it dispatches immune cells to fight infections. Trying to work while feeling poorly is like building with handcuffs on.

3. Next comes cleaning up that mind. Today's busy lives have us all on the go. Before you know it, there's projects and activities and commitments every way one turns. Too much stuff in the mind simply clogs being effective not to mention can easily spiral into overwhelm. So, get our a piece of paper and write everything out. By parking things in an external space, you will make space for your brain to help you make order from chaos. Results - immediate clarity and mental declutter plus a sure action plan for what to actually do to make progress.

4. Magic hour of self-love. Set aside at least an hour to get cracking on something that really matters to you! It could be looking into new jobs, deciding to find a couple of inspirational mentors you can learn from or getting down and dirty with that business project you have bene postponing. By giving time and focus to just one thing our brains can work effectively and with speed.

5. Have you heard of HUGS? I work with people who dare to set huge, unbelievable goals. When I'm feeling like I don't want to do anything I often give myself a HUG or at least take out a sheet of paper and dare myself to write a few down. I then check for resonance to see whether pursing them would improve my life. If so, I immediately set to work on it.

But here's the big but...

Many amazing goals take a long, long time to realise. For example, I have been working on my next book for 2 years now and there are days when my goal seems to just recede into the distance and other stuff takes up time and attention. At times I even get frustrated that the thing I want most is the one thing I'm not making time for...

and when that happens, I turn to my coach and my friends and family for help. Sometimes what we need most is to voice what we feel. The best solution for progress often rests in heartfelt connection over what matters enough to cause frustration in the first place.

If you're reading this post - trust yourself!

Imagine just how beautiful and amazing you and your dreams are. Let every person achieving something in this world be your reminder and inspiration that this could be you too! However small or big, each step counts!

And by achievement I don't necessarily mean something materialistic. For me these last months, achievement meant better balance and a home that however small, is a place that feels big.

Speaking of which, my next blog will be devoted to revamping my bedroom. If you're a Grid book reader, then you'll know it's Area 2 in the grid. I'm creating an oasis of rest in my bedroom. Pinterest is oh so helpful in finding inspiration. Now I just need to put in the work. But if you have been thinking about redoing one of your physical spaces as one of your goals for this year, why not follow along and share your progress here.

Until next time, Magdalena

Magdalena Bak-Maier

Author, Guide, Magically Real Heart & Mind Connector, Make Time Count ltd

Magdalena Bak-Maier helps people connect and align their heart and mind in service of their ‘big agenda’. Her writing, teachings and models clearly show that the secret of success, wellbeing and joy resides in our nervous system and how we use it. Trained neuroscientists and coach to world’s elite performers, Magdalena teaches her tools and approach to all those interested in learning about it. So far this has included top NASA engineers, NHS doctors, emerging global leaders, coaches and wellbeing experts across the world. She has been also sharing her work with Psychologies readers through NowLive events and for those living in London you can catch her at the School of Life. Magdalena’s first book, Get Productive! (Capstone, 2012) includes 36 thought-provoking exercises and practical advice to empower readers to become masters of their own time, and achieve exceptional results continuously. Get Productive! received very positive reviews from customers and press alike, and quickly became a bestseller in the personal development arena. The Get Productive Grid (2015) her second book, is a no nonsense practical tool called the Grid for achieving life, work and career goals whilst making time for critical self-care. Having studied burnout at work (The Times, 2013) and working with people who struggle to realise their aspirations, the Grid conditions focus, effective habits of goal setting and progressive realisation steps towards results. If you want to achieve results whilst feeling you absolutely love who you are let Magdalena be your productivity guide. www.maketimecount.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBsuIAscshE


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over 5 years ago
Really inspiring Magdalena - thanks! I definitely find that 'parking things in an external space' works well for me.