Weeks 25 and 26: New routes and relaxation...

A slave to routine? Moi?

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The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. Exams, uni visits, school tranistion days, work needs and...life generally! I needed to refocus on the past experiments to allow me to keep any sense of a calm head and those walks in nature, waist-up dancing in the car and stealing back moments for quiet were indispensable. One of the reasons life got in a tis was my reliance on routine. I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing - without someone to steer this big baggy ship of life, we would all be living in chaos - or so I like to think! I am not sure it is true, perhaps it is me who needs the order and calm? Routine does mean work gets done, people get fed, the house is tidy and I manage to look half way presentable. But there is another side to me... at times I long for bohemian spontaneity, complete joie de vivre, a sort wild abandon to what is round the corner....and then the lists come out! I want composure and let's get back on the straight and narrow!

I have to admit that I completely failed at finding a new route to work. I imagined which other routes I could take and deliberated on the benefits of each. But when I got to it? No, I stuck to same old, same old. Why? I think I over thought it. Perhaps I would be better being impulsive, but getting to work on time and impulsivity don't seem to mix!

As for kicking back and enjoying the down time? Yes that went better. I really tried to engage in this and not 'do'. By doing I mean either reading, planning, analysing, being purposefully mindful...it really was just sitting and being and smiling. It felt wonderful - and a bit naughty, almost...bohemian? A little spot of inner rebellion and rejection of the list mentality.

So have I come to any nuggets of wisdom? Probably that when routines are disrupted for too long as they have over the last couple of weeks, I need to be able to adapt. Being able to adapt means being awake in the here and now and not panicking that so much needs to be done in the future! Infact over thinking about the future too much, for example changing the route to work, means that I can halt any new experiences that may have given me. The antidote to this really came from the experiment for week 26: take the opportunities to sit and enjoy, the opportunities that come as little gifts during the day. And as with any little gifts, why would we reject them?


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Firmly stuck in the 'sandwich generation' category, I am 46 years old and looking to shake things up a bit! I am a teacher, which I love - but it takes over your life! A mother of three - two daughters, 16 and 15, a son aged 11. Wife to Simon for 19 years. Carer for rather eccentric mum, aged 89.


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over 5 years ago
Jacqui, this really hit home with me! Reading about over-thinking the future halting new experiences was like looking in the mirror. I feel so much better when I can just "be" in the moment and follow my whims - but you are so right, it takes planning to make that space in a busy life!
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over 5 years ago
Oh Jacqui I am so with you on the longing for the ' bohemian spontaneity' and then the 'lists come out' I can only 'enjoy this for so long and then the need for order takes over and I jump from one thing to another. So glad you enjoyed the being and smiling - I've not reached this point yet this week x
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over 5 years ago
I am pleased I am not alone! Vanessa you seem to be be straddling the lists vs bohemian spontaneity with aplomb! Fi sometimes the smiles are harder to find than others. Thinking of you...
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over 5 years ago
I am in that gang too! Am a slave to my diary, so embrace any moments of spontaneity that I can. Jacqui, sounds like you did an amazing job of making moments of the boho life happen. Big love, Chris x