Man up? How men need to power up!

A generation of men bashing has left a dent in our fellas!

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If it’s a ‘man’s world’ why (according to the Samaritans), why are male suicide rates are on average 3-5 times higher than female rates and men aged 30-44 are the group with the highest rate.

Due to my clients I have seen an interesting social shift I don’t think many people have spotted. Forgive me for making some on mass generations here and being very heterosexual, I am speaking as I find in awareness that ‘not one size fits all’.

35 to 45 year olds were born into a generation of man bashing. The female members of my family would tell me how awful men were. When you believe something to be true, you look for evidence that the belief is correct. It wasn’t only girls who heard this man bashing, the boys did too! I have witnessed that this has created an astonishing generation of amazing fathers and family men, with wives and female partners who never expected the relationship to last, and have been poking men, waiting for the cracks to show. Many men are hanging into unhappy partnerships for the sake of their children. Doing the opposite of their fathers generation.

The world needs leaders now more than ever. Yet because of the guilt of the male supremacy, many brilliant empathetic men are not stepping into their power, because they don’t want to become a w**ker. There is a big difference between ego w**ker power, and people who use power to aid a cause and make a change. If you can’t step into any power for fear of being seen to be a w**ker, then guess what… the w**kers will rule the world! In Ron Johnson’s book The Psychopath test, he deducted that many people in positions of power were un-empathic psychos. Scary! In my work I empower men who have lost their male mojo as they don’t want to be masculine dominate. This shows up in all kinds of ways. Sometimes not even knowing it’s a lack of power causing them to not be getting the breaks they are working hard for, being over looked and a general state of stuck!

Now there is another reason for all of this, and its women! I heard SO many of my female clients who can’t find a man as equally strong or stronger than herself. A woman has an attraction to a man in his power. This is why Monica Lewinsky was walking on her knees in the Oval office! It all goes back to who can protect the family from the neighbouring tribe and bring home the kill. Women love a man serving his purpose more than she wants him to serve her. No matter what you might think, when a man serves a woman as his main mission in life, it only earns her disrespect. However men keep being made to feel guilty about being a man in all sorts of ways. Especially to be a man with emotions, so men are falling down a gap between ‘man-up’ and ‘you need to be able to talk’ oh and have an appreciation of fine shoes and haircuts… just not too much or you’ll be accused of being gay.

We create our limiting beliefs in childhood, but we can change them as adults and don't have to be held back from our potential by believing in stuff that isn’t true for us.

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