External vs. Internal Power - One is reliable, the other can be ripped away from us in a heartbeat.

External power, the kind people get from being respected or rich, only lasts as long as people are willing to give it to us. As soon as we lose our position or fall out of favor, our power falls away. There is no telling when this kind of power might be taken from us, as many deposed dictators and fired execs have discovered.

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However, inner power, the kind we stoke up for ourselves, can never be taken away for us unless we give it away.

The fastest way to relinquish our power is to lose confidence and return to self-sabotage.

Imagine, as you read this, that the idea or vision you are holding has come into being. Feel it having happened. Imagine you are the person who made it happen. Notice if there is any part of you, no matter how small
or surreptitious, that finds it hard to believe it could be real. Is there any negative self-talk like . . .

• ‘It can’t really happen, can it?’

• ‘Somebody could, but not me!’

• ‘In your dreams.’

• ‘Never going to happen.’

• ‘It’s too hard.’

If any part of your body.mind gets tense, worried, or critical, it simply means that you have old patterns still in residence. Time to do some spring cleaning. Watch the video "Power Up" to find out how to do it.

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