Power Up: You can rewire your brain right now...

In fact, You can transform anything about your personality by rewiring your brain!

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An Excerpt from my new book, Switch On: How to unleash you creative spirit with the new science of breakthrough:

For many years, scientific dogma had it that once the brain reached adolescence, it didn’t change that much. However, that belief has now been discarded. The brain can not only trim and prune existing pathways; it can also create new pathways. For example, studies show that just ten minutes a day strumming a guitar, for a few weeks, can change the shape of your cerebral cortex. Cab drivers who have to learn the best routes around a city show changes in their cerebellum, an area associated with space and movement. Even a single workout at the gym can change how your DNA is expressed.4 As soon as you stop the new activity, the brain and body returns to how it was before. This means that your body.mind can heal from trauma, and develop new skills from scratch. Most of the time, though, we use our insanely flexible brain plasticity to reinforce our old patterns instead of crafting new powers.

We can power up in any area we choose. Using techniques modeled on how the brain actually works, you can create new powers that make being committed, courageous, or confident effortless. The creation of fresh, inspiring, and liberating powers doesn’t happen overnight but, by repeatedly burnishing them into the body.mind, you can transform yourself beyond recognition in months, not years. Nothing is too big for us to shift. Selfish to generous. Arrogant to humble. Defensive to open. We can, consciously and intentionally, change how our body.mind is wired, one thought, one image, one emotion at a time. This is huge.

Nick Seneca Jankel

Author of "Switch On" & Founder of Global Wisdom & Wellbeing Community www.ripeandready.com, -

As well as a psychological coach and wisdom teacher, Nick is a world-renowned innovation and leadership expert with a Triple First from Cambridge University in medicine and philosophy. Nick has been described by The Sunday Times as "[a] glam spiritual activist. " Nick presented a BBC TV series as a coach, transforming addiction. He coached Jodie Marsh on the highest-rated MTV series in history.