An analogy to save you from burn-out

Are you one of those people who listens to your energy levels, or do you plough on regardless? Often you don’t have a choice; life has demands of you that you have to fulfil. But it’s worth paying attention to energy so you can avoid burnout. There are many ways we get energised. Of course food, resting and sleeping. But also life’s vitality can come from seeing live performances, walking in nature, being around animals and children. But also many ways in which we get depleted: stress, over committing ourselves, not sleeping, being around negative people and critical people.

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Energy is like money in a bank account. When you have reserves you can be more creative, travel, you have options. When you’re at base level you need to be a bit careful and your imagination can be limited. If you go below your base level and get into exhaustion or get into the red, you are pushing yourself and running on empty. It’s ok for a short time, but if it goes on you get more into debit energetically.

There can come a point where your body, acting like a bank will draw the line and declare you energy bankrupt. This is burn-out and it can take you a while to recover.

It’s at this time of year people go on holiday to recharge their batteries. Often if you don’t have the money to do it you don’t put it forward as a priority. But taking time for yourself and to refill is one of the most important things you can do for your own creativity and sense of purpose.

I’m sure you know all this, but a reminder every so often really helps!

Becky Walsh

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