Life with intent

Our challenge for week 23 of the Great Wake-Up was to identify, on waking, the main thing we wanted to achieve that day. Extra points for doing it first thing!

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I really enjoyed this challenge, and found it was a great way to set up my day.

The first day was easy - it was Saturday and I'd planned to spend it with my husband, so I decided to properly focus on having a good time together and set a goal of laughing together. We both work and play hard, so focussed time together isn't always at the top of the list - we're both introverts so sometimes bliss is just about tuning out of the world with a book or TV while sitting together. Making time to actually do something together was a great reminder of why we're married!

Sunday my big goal was weeding the garden. I didn't get to it right away as we'd agreed to take a bike ride first thing, but after the ride and breakfast I got stuck in and a few hours later I was a very satisfied girl with a garden beautifully tidied (and ready for the north wind to spend the next week blowing it to bits, but hey ho...)

Monday I had some work I needed to finish up; specifically, I needed to identify and complete some actions that would let me move forward with a project and feel I could tick some things off the list. Again, I got a little hung up when I couldn't do it first thing (morning walk, chores, etc) but I decided I loved my morning routine to much to mix it up every day and that my big goal didn't have to be done first, just at a time I also decided in the morning that fit with my day. Cue a productive day and a relaxed girl ready for an early start on Tuesday.

Tuesday's goal, for me, was a biggie, as it was to do a good job presenting to a client (and to a large group of potential sceptics...) I was grateful for the purposeful preparation the day before, and going into the meeting with the intention of listening well and connecting with the group helped me handle the questions and debate in a way that got us to a good place. Deciding I will do something well seems to be as good as believing I will do it well for me.

This one definitely goes on the list of habits I will add to my life - I've had a super productive week and am entering the weekend relaxed and free of my usual "stuff I didn't finish" list! It's amazing how easy it is to forget to focus, and the difference the reminder to live with intent makes...


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Go to the profile of Jacqui
over 5 years ago
Sounds like a really productive - and nicely balanced!- few days!
Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
over 5 years ago
Vanessa, that's a superb positive blog - I'm made up you had a great wake up challenge.
Go to the profile of Fiona Dolben
over 5 years ago
Love that feeling ( when it happens) of having a productive day . Good for you.
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
over 5 years ago
Great result Vanessa! free of the to-do list. C x