On waking I will work out what is my one big thing of the day

Week twenty three in the Great Wake Up journey

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Week twenty three in ‘wake up’ seemed an interesting challenge because from the moment I wake up I have ideas on things I want to or need to do in the day but before I know it I get side tracked from doing them. This is a weekly if not daily occurrence for me. The job I do doesn’t help. In truth it’s a lifestyle more than a job, always was and always will be. This was a bank holiday weekend so I knew time would be very tight to do anything other than work, work and erm more work. Sadly the only thing you can do in the pub trade on bank holiday weekends is to get through it as fast and as easy as possible. Nevertheless I woke with an idea in mind. Unfortunately something got in the way.

Early morning I got a phone call from a representative of my bank calling from a call centre in Indian telling me someone had been using my debit card details and trying to dip into my account. This information was shocking and left me feeling that this was a cowardly crime to commit, faceless and spineless in fact. My card was cancelled and I await a new card. With that my one idea I hoped to complete in the afternoon on my break was kicked into touch and the day passed me by under the slog that is the start of the bank holiday weekend.

Day two I had a plan that was to be executed on my break but as sure as eggs are eggs bank holiday weekend dropped its trouser and urinated all over them. By the end of a long day I was shattered, too shattered to execute anything. The one hour break in a thirteen hour shift put paid to that. The only bright spot was the business we achieved was astounding. Shame none of that money was going in my pocket I thought, we’re a managed house!

Day three, and as soon as I woke a different plan was hatched keeping in the spirit of ‘wake up’. Unfortunately, just like the previous day the job got in the way, this time with an official twenty minute break from 9 am until 8.20 pm. When I finished work there was enough time for a pint of beer and to pack my clothes for a few busy days ahead. With one day left in work we needed to get Bobby into kennels, then we were off to Glasgow to watch the Boss, returning Thursday and then seeing him again in Coventry on the Friday. Somewhere in there I had a locksmith coming to the apartment, a surveyor for a fitted wardrobe followed by picking the Bobster up from the kennels and hopefully get to the gym for a hard session (I needed it) and up the hills to stretch the legs. This was definitely not living on autopilot.

Day four and I was out for revenge with four concrete plans in mind. I was going to do four ‘big’ things today to complete the straight forward challenge that had become such a task, I wanted and needed to get something out of this experiment, I could not let a busy bank holiday get in the way of a ‘wake up’ challenge – no chance.

Like a cobra I sprung out of bed and collected some CD’s that I’d promised to pack to take to the apartment. I’d never got around to it but this morning it was done. Packing the CD's was bringing a piece of me that I needed to from the pub to the apartment. Next I made the phone call back to the call centre in India and got to the bottom of everything that had gone on behind my back and was left refreshed that the bank are on their toes with stuff like this and they are there to protect me from cyber menaces. Next on my ‘big things’ list was to go back to ‘my’ tree and I climbed it further than before, closed my eyes and was touched by it – wonderfully stress-free. I could have become one with it, it was true magic. Hidden amongst its branches I felt protected and removed from this human being experience – seriously it was true magic – I’ve found it now and when I need to escape to a place of magic I know where to go.

My last big thing was to find time on my break for ‘me’ and a further calmness was found. I followed this moment with a cup of Lapsang Souchong, relaxed in a comfy chair and listened to Dave Brubeck’s album Time Out – bliss! What a way to end a stressful couple of days! Oh how I need to find these stress busters before the storm, I thought.

Doing this challenge made me realise I DO let things get in the way of doing the things I want to do when I wake up and I need to find a way to focus more on the things I need to achieve in any given day to get them done. The fourth day proved I can be pragmatic I just need to find the framework to complete this for the future. Thanks to this whole journey in the Great Wake Up I’m being given tools or finding them through the experiments and hopefully ‘big things’ will be achieved on a more regular basis.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


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over 5 years ago
Oh, Mark, I can feel your pain! Never thought how Bank Holidays must feel for publicans and tea shop owners (I'm a buy everything I need in advance and don't leave the house girl those weekends...) How great that you were able to find some time to focus on the final day. Sometimes knowing there is respite in sight is the only thing that gets us through. And you're topping that off with two shows from the Boss - lucky, lucky you!!!
Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
over 5 years ago
The Boss gigs were superb. I loved Glasgow - I really like the people there - very friendly and reminded me of Scousers - very similar. At the Coventry gig last night I actually found myself dancing! Yes, moving my legs and arms and shoulders in a rhythmic way all at the same time. That's the Boss for you - always bringing out the good in people - yeah-yeah!
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over 5 years ago
Your week sounds so busy but you still managed to make some time for some 'time out', I wonder whether you would have done this before Wake up? Good for you I say.
Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
over 5 years ago
Good question Fi, erm I think I wouldn't have done this before 'wake up'. I love 'wake up' because it gives me/us challenges that I wouldn't set myself and I love the whole experiment idea about it. Also I'm getting so much out of it - I love it and long may it continue - yeah-yeah!