Finally feeling like a grown up - four lessons I’ve learned

Ever feel like you’re just not ‘old’ enough to be an adult? Find yourself looking for a more ‘adult-like’ you? Me too, but now I’ve finally realised, I do feel grown up! Here are my four lessons, offered to you with love

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1. I don’t have to wear make-up

I’m over wearing make-up. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I’ll go for the whole smokey eye and lip gloss thing, (I have excellent black eyeliner on the advice of my daughter), but every day? Not a chance.

A) I can’t be bothered. B) I know I don’t need it. C) I don’t want my youngest daughter, just four to think SHE needs it!

I used to think people wouldn’t take me seriously without make-up - that I wouldn’t be considered ‘successful’. Now I realise that that’s rubbish. I have a serious job to do - to inspire women around the globe and be a role model for two daughters and a granddaughter. The need to wear a mask just doesn’t feature on the list nowadays.

2. I no longer feel obliged to wear suits

I once saw a really strong business woman stand up at a conference in jeans, trainers and a cardigan and she OWNED it. I was wearing a black suit with ridiculously high heels that crippled my feet. I felt like I’d towed the ‘uniform’ line and, as an entrepreneur, that felt fake. The next day I ditched all my suits, found my own style and yes, I’ve since delivered speeches around the world in Converse shoes. I’m taken seriously because I take myself seriously.

3. I can do exactly what I want

I’ve always secretly sought the approval of others, but I’ve now realised that I don’t need a permission slip from anyone to do anything. So many women wait for their permission slip, too scared to move left or right for fear of upsetting someone or doing the wrong thing. These days I know how I make decisions - with thought and clarity. If I get it wrong, I trust myself to fix it, and most of the time, I trust myself to get it right, so permission slip ripped up!

4. I’ve got this

Finally I think I have. I’ve got enough experience, enough knowledge and enough confidence… I am actually enough! I do know I can handle any situation – I know this because I’ve been tested. Divorce, death, conflict - I’ve got through (mostly with grace and style) and if I don’t know something, I’ll ask or google it. I’m accountable, especially as an entrepreneur. Whether it works or doesn’t, it’s down to me and rather than being scared, I’m liking that now. I still make mistakes, but I’m learning and I’m doing them anyway!

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Lynette Allen

Creator, Her Invitation