Week 23: One Big Thing

An attitude rather than a tick

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The busyness of life seems to come in peaks and troughs. At times the rollercoaster of work, family, friends, keeping a household running and trying to invest in ourselves seems to take over. As a teacher, there are other times when things slow down. The transition from the two can be a tricky one. Often I find myself reading as this seems to be a permissible way of not doing anything - while actually doing something! Now my children are older and have their own social plans I will often walk into my local town, trying to move my body and enjoy fresh air that I may not always be able to do when I work. So thinking about ONE big thing to be achieved was interesting. In these transition periods my head can be all over the place as I create a new routine. This experiement was just what I needed to find some grounding and focus.

I am a list writer - obsessively so. I am good at organising and prioritising. This isn't an issue. At times there is definite procrastination, but this is for the larger jobs of life - finances, woodwork painting, holidays etc... So the focus on one aim for the day made me realise for me it was never one event or action. Rather it is a mood or frame of mind. Living in a large household, caring for an elderly relative, negotiating the moods of strong individuals, focuses the mind on harmony and balance. If you can't keep these in mind, life would become at times a burden, a chore, just plain difficult. By picking one of these as a focus of my day, as my 'big thing', focused my mind on the people and atmosphere of the house. So for one day it was to greet everyone with a genuine smile. Another was to make sure I said one truthfully kind thing to each person. It can't be like that all the time, but by working with this 'mantra' in mind it allowed me to stay more grounded and remember what is really important about life. It is all too easy to get lost in the job list: I can do that. But remembering the beauty of each of the individuals I live with and work with really should be the priority.

So for me the 'Big Thing' really is a big thing - more weighty than the ticks on a list. It is aiming for an attitude towards the day ahead, a good morning world, this is what I will bring to the day.


Mother, wife, daughter, teacher...

Firmly stuck in the 'sandwich generation' category, I am 46 years old and looking to shake things up a bit! I am a teacher, which I love - but it takes over your life! A mother of three - two daughters, 16 and 15, a son aged 11. Wife to Simon for 19 years. Carer for rather eccentric mum, aged 89.


Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
over 5 years ago
Love that Jacqui. Great insight.
Go to the profile of Fiona Dolben
over 5 years ago
This really struck a chord with me as a list maker and just too much going on. Great post :)
Go to the profile of Vanessa
over 5 years ago
Jacqui, this was such a great take on the experiment! May have to borrow it :-)
Go to the profile of Sarah-Kate Goodwin
over 5 years ago
Love this Jackie! Looking above the to do list and making your one big thing about connection. x