Climb a Tree

Our challenge for Week 19 of the Great Wake Up was to rediscover the magic of childhood and climb a tree. I was never that child...

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Well, I had good intentions. I looked for a tree I could climb. I actually cried over how few trees there are in the fens that lend themselves to climbing. I finally found a tree that I could get into; first on a limb about 18 inches above the ground and then onto another about four feet up. And... nothing.

You know all those people who say you can find your passion by doing what you loved as a child. I loved reading, and drawing, and design, and maths... I did not love climbing trees; in fact, I'm not sure I ever actually did it. So, it was time to get lateral!

Luckily, on my search for a tree to experiment on, I passed a playground. With swings. So I stopped for a swing and swung until my feet touched the sky. That was more like it; why climb when you can fly!


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over 5 years ago
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over 5 years ago
ha, ha, ha - loved this. I' in the process of moving into an apartment and it's been a little stressful moving and waiting around al day for things to happen and we had no internet until late last night, so I'm catching up on all my e-mails and other stuff but this made me laugh out loud - very uplifting and I'm not just talking about the swing! I love it because even though you didn't climb a tree as such you still completed the challenge in your own way and got something positive out of it - love it! I would say keep on swinging but that sounds rude in modern times so I won't, ahem.
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over 5 years ago
Haha, Mark, yes, that might be an experiment too far...
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over 5 years ago
Hope your move doesn't stay too stressful - the waiting and upheaval is always such a pain! Hang in there!
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over 5 years ago
Bravo! and too true C x