Unlocking Your Child's Genius

All children possess a spark of genius. A parent's job is to fan that spark!

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We tend to think the term “genius” applies to an elite group of super humans who possess intelligence, skills and talents at a lofty, inaccessible level while the majority of us ordinary folk languish in the twilight zone of mediocrity.

However clinical psychologist and respected author, Andrew Fuller claims there is a spark of genius in every child.

In his delightful new book Unlocking Your Child’s Genius, he encourages parents (grandparents and other child carers) to fan the spark of genius by creating a stimulating and creative home and venturing into the big wide world with your curious, inquisitive child to share the joy of learning.

He says discovering genius is more about play, fun and exploration than work. The parents’ job is not to fast-track and ‘hot-house’ a young mind to become a child prodigy. Rather he recommends gently nurturing a child’s unique talents and gifts. “The parents’ role is to expand children’s minds not accelerate them.”

In a competitive academic world that requires children to study more and play less, Fuller radically recommends reversing this approach so that kids play more, reflect, consider and analyse more and most of all, dream bigger dreams.

Fuller says there are eight foundation skills necessary to unlock genius – self-knowledge, concentration, decision-making, imagination, motivation, determination, memory and creativity.

He points out that today’s children are part of the brightest generation of humans ever – 40 per cent brighter than the average young person was in 1950. With the massive amount of technology and the internet at their fingertips, children can access information instantly and this generation is leading an intelligence explosion in the 21st century.

Fuller writes: “Today’s geniuses are thought-weavers. They are able to access knowledge from multiple sources, integrate it in ingenious ways and apply it in innovative ways in multiple settlings.”

Andrew Fuller’s refreshing and inspiring book gives a wealth of practical ideas for nurturing your child’s creativity from the age of two through to the teens.

He claims that parents are a child’s most important teacher and devoted parents can guide their child to discover the passion in their heart and live an extraordinary life.

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Interesting article and insight Dianne, thank you- i will buy the book!