Week 18 - Guerilla Gardening

My work in progress

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So, I actually wasn't sure exactly what guerilla gardening was until this week...I thought I might get away with doing a spot of my own gardening and enjoying the positive effects on my well-being that this always brings. I google searched it and realised what the actual experiment was asking and I was soooooo excited by the prospect of finding an unloved piece of land (away from my own garden) and making it more beautiful, so that it can bring a smile to the faces of all who see it. This one is definately a work in progress; nothing I can complete overnight but I do have a plan... I've selected a spot of land, around the base of a tree. It's dry soil which lacks beauty and isn't far from my house. I've selected some desired flowers and seeds to pland, just need to buy them and get some decent compost to give them a fighting chance and then I'll be packing my gardening equipment and setting to work in the dead of the night. I'm pleased that I've thought this through so thoroughly and will keep you updated of my progress.

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Rebecca Ashworth

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over 5 years ago
Look forward to hearing the results! Exciting. Big love, Chris x