Week 19- Take a break

Analyse the impact so far.....

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Week 19:Take a break

So this week we had the opportunity to think about the tasks we have taken part in and consider the impact if any, it has had on us.To be honest, nearing 40 I have begun to think more about what I like/ dislike, what I am comfortable with and responding more to how I feel.I spent so many of my younger days worrying about if people liked me, if I was doing the right thing at all times and always trying to make myself better; because I thought I was never good enough.At 39 I have finally come to realise: I am enough; warts and all.

This social experiment has helped me to realise I am comfortable with myself.I don’t like not drinking coffee.I know this now.I love writing poetry.This has been reaffirmed for me.I am blessed in so many ways.I am perfectly happy in my imperfect world.

Have the tasks been fun?Some of them.Have the tasks been easy? No.But I have realised that if I can continue to do this blog with the job I have (time- consuming) then it must be having an impact.I must be getting something positive out of it.

So I will continue on this journey of snapping out of auto pilot and awakening hidden depths.I take a long sigh as I have just read what my next challenge is going to be.Oh my goodness…….

Mrs Bee

I am a devoted, time-strapped mother of three in a whirlwind of nappies, teenage angst, arguments, low- finances (head teacher on maternity leave!!!!), kids' clubs, kit- cleaning, nose-wiping, shoulder-to-cry-on frenzy. In all that I have to find time for my husband and myself as the very last option. "Crazy!" I hear you say as I try to fit a blog into this ordered chaos….. You may be right, but the Great Wake Up is my way of making time for myself, learning new things about myself and new ways of doing things. I have tried many things that are too big, unachievable and leave me feeling: "Something else I didn't finish". I want to make a difference to my children, my husband, my family, my community and globally if I can. But rather than sitting in my living room thinking its all too much: I am going to start with one thing, one small thing. I may foolishly/ naively think it will be easy but much of the joy of this is not knowing how I will feel. Opening myself up to something new and then doing something I love- writing about it! I can't promise it will be beautiful; but it will be honest, with a little humour if I can and a true account of this journey I am about to embark on with The Great Wake Up!!


Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
over 5 years ago
Accepting ourselves 'warts and all' is immensely liberating. Thank you Mrs Bee and well done for fitting into your busy life. Bravo you. C x
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over 5 years ago
Really pleased for you Mrs Bee!!
Go to the profile of Mrs Bee
over 5 years ago
Thank you!!!