Reflecting on April

In week 19 of the Great Wake Up we've been asked to reflect on the month; good opportunity to remind myself of what we'd done!

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This month we were challenged to make time each day to consciously seek beauty, to add a period of reflection to our days, to give up alcohol, caffeine and sugar for four days and to indulge in a spot of guerilla gardening. These are all activities that I have consciously been adding to my life for the last year anyway, so I confess to feeling a bit blasé (if not smug) in ticking off my accomplishments.

And that, plus a bit of a life factor - really woke me up!

The life factor is pretty pedestrian - a couple of big work projects and impending marathon have been eating up my time for the last couple of weeks. I told myself all the walking was a perfect opportunity to reflect, see beauty (sunrise over the river, anyone) and I'm certainly watching my diet. I'm also a guerilla gardener of long standing (although I know a certain hedgerow that will be getting a visit when it's bulb planting time).

What I realised, though, thanks to Sarah-Jane, is that I take all of this for granted. The time for training, the space to garden, the access to nature and even the health issues that keep me focussed on my diet. You can actually be looking at something beautiful while your brain is racing to solve a client's problem. You can actually reflect without finding anything fresh.

So. what this week's reflection reminded me is that the most important part of Wake Up, for me, is the variety and the element of surprise. I need jolting out of my habits, however good they may be, to keep my perspective fresh. So thank you, Chris for the Week 20 experiment I've just seen. Jolt received! No idea where I'll find a tree big enough to climb in the fens, but here we go!


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Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
over 5 years ago
Your post is fresh and light (a nice read and distraction from my deep contemplation this week, ahem) and from your feedback with guerrilla gardening I went to the RHS Malvern Show (we call it the Spring show). It was a great day out for anyone and I came back with some great ideas. When me and Sarah move into our apartment hopefully in the next few weeks (I seriously can't wait) I won't have a garden but I think I'll buy a Bonsai tree! Also I'm getting some interesting results from the 'wake up' experiment. If my 'gardening' succeeds I am going to go on a sowing spree! If and when watch this space! Take it easy.
Go to the profile of Vanessa
over 5 years ago
Bonsai trees are gorgeous - and so in keeping with your love of Japan! Really glad you enjoyed the show and that you are seeing guerilla gardening results.
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
over 5 years ago
Ha! Loving the tree challenge! Excited to hear how you get on Cx