How has it been for you?

Week nineteen in ‘wake up’ and another week to reflect on the journey so far.

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This week’s reflection was a deep one for me.

A fair few of the ‘wake up’ challenges have been reflection and I’ve enjoyed them because I genuinely set time aside to openly reflect on the Great Wake Up journey. I pause and have a good old think about the challenges and the affect they have had on me and where they sit in my life both now and going forward. We need time to reflect. Anyone who marches up a hill to get to the top misses all the glory that the person who stops every few minutes to observe the ever changing views witnesses.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of ‘wake up’. It has been an incredible journey. With each new challenge I’ve learned something about myself that either I didn’t already know or things have been buried inside and resurfaced. None of the challenges have been negative just inspiring. Every challenge has been enjoyed and enhanced my wellbeing even if at the time it was a bit of a ‘challenge’. Stuffocation is the reason I will soon move into a new apartment and begin a new phase in my life and shape my future. I have plans. If it wasn’t for this experiment and what I learned from it I wouldn’t be so confident in my future plans. Things change, there will be changes along the way, I know that but I simply know the experiment changed me for the better. And it’s not just this one experiment because it feels like The Great Wake Up gives you tools to get connected and truly live a fuller a life. Some of the challenges I’ve not returned to but I know they are there and I know what I need to do to reconnect and re-energise if needed.

When I first started to blog I was apprehensive not only of the challenges but also of how I came across. As the weeks and challenges went by I found self-belief and I now thrust myself into the challenges, chomping on the bit like a thoroughbred at Aintree. How I come across in my blogs to others no longer affects me. I am who I am. I am multi-levelled, I can’t hide that, there is me and only one of me, I am neither arrogant nor ignorant in my behaviour or writings even if that does come across arrogant (I know I’m neither).

‘Wake Up’ has helped me regain something I lost a long time ago which didn’t fully develop in the first place. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that I am brimming with confidence because old insecurities aren’t easy to shake off. A life time of insecurities can’t be shuck off in an instant revelation. They need time to be worked through. Understand why they arose, why they were holding you back, how you recognised them for what they are and how you are going to conquer them and master them for the future.

Our life and growth is just phases that we go through. I used to search for the real me but now realise I’m just changing as I connect to different phases of the life I’m living. There isn’t a real me, I’m just forever changing as I spiritually grow. I like the present me a lot and the other ones that I used to be weren’t so bad, but I can see where and why they made the mistakes they did. I forgive me for most of the mistakes but not all. And I’m allowed to do that and think like that because this is my life - I choose when and where to forgive myself. But in the end they are only small crosses I need to bear for those past mistakes. One day I might release them fully but I’m not there yet and I can live with that.

I can’t thank Chris enough for ‘wake up’. It is something he truly believes in and wants to share with as many people as possible and something I think truly works as long as you open up to it. The worst it can be is something you started but didn’t finish. The best thing it can be is a revelation about you and the life you are living. I truly owe him a pint of cider. And I can’t thank the other bloggers enough too. Some of them I’ve never met and the rest I’ve only met once. And yes we all have different backgrounds, and beliefs, and views and lifestyles but I love reading about their challenges and thoughts. Some of them I feel close to on a level that is abstract and yet almost spiritual. I don’t care how that sounds because it is how I feel. In one way or another we are all connected, we are a ‘wake up’ family. Some people might want to distance themselves from that, be alone, but it doesn’t matter because you can’t deny we are all connected in some way. Even beyond ‘wake up’ we are connected. I love this idea that some scientist put across some years ago that the cradle of life was in Africa. I love the thought we are all connected to a big African mother! I almost see her when I think this way and she is beautiful and truly the giver of life on this planet and she grew from Mother Earth - we are all connected!

So, in answer to the question; how has it been for you? Superb! Wonderful! Brilliant! Boss! Great! Sound! Excellent! And my all-time old-time favourite saying – ‘Fang-tastic!’

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


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over 5 years ago
Mark, I couldn't agree more - I love the blogging community!
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
over 5 years ago
'Fang-tastic!' Mark, that's wonderful in every way and believe me I owe you a pint of cider. Huge loving Chris xx