Slowing Down? Hard After Your 3rd Coffee

Slowing Down - it's not for me

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Slowing down has never been something that has come naturally to me, I write this whilst drinking my third coffee of the day. Coffee makes me hyper, which I sort of love. I’ve always liked a busy life, even as a child my Barbie and Ken had two jobs and a busy social life to contend with, and that was before I decided that my Peter Rabbit doll was their long lost son. I think I like to be busy because I am a worrier. If I have nothing to worry about I worry that I have forgot a worry I really ought to be worried about – it’s a vicious circle. I think the busier I am, the less time I have to worry about whether someone likes me, or if I locked the door or the constant dread of having a career with no guarantees and no pension scheme.

I am currently getting ready to take my second show up to the Edinburgh Festival. I am a comedian. I love making people laugh, I always have. My first audience were a lovely couple in Portsmouth who I call Mum and Dad, I was 7 and doing an impression of Cilla Black, I say impression I had just learnt how to say, ‘Surprise, surprise its Cilla here’ in a Liverpudlian accent, but it got rave reviews (from my parents and anyone who would listen, I assume just to shut me up). But that was it, the comedy bug was caught! I didn't start actually doing comedy until I was 23. I was dreadful to start with, everyone is but then you begin to work out how to do it, and then it’s great. But since that point nearly five years ago I feel I have been on a treadmill, running uphill trying to make my career happen. Driving all over the country, clubs, pubs, unis, dives, amazing theatres and supporting some massive names in comedy. It’s been incredible but completely exhausting.

My Nan was the person who encouraged me to slow down. An incredible woman who lived through the war, England actually winning the world cup, the invention of the home phone and Twitter which she is completely baffled by, rightly so, shes 92. She noted how often I was on my iPhone; emailing, facebooking, tweeting, instagraming pictures of my cat in sepia. ‘Must get boring’ she said. ‘Must get boring, never stopping, never getting to enjoy it all’. I was shocked, it never occurred to me my life could be considered boring. My exciting life as a comedian gigging all over the county with these other amazing creative comics, living my life on the road, like a rock star (a rock star in a Nissan Micra). But she was right. It does gets boring, if all you are doing is driving to a gig, sitting in a dressing room, going onstage and driving home. So I decided it had to change I started to stop, every now and then, take a few days off, spend some time with friends, hang out with my Nan. Just to enjoy it all a bit more, and just in case my exciting comedian life accidentally made me an absolute bore.

Now, I am sorry, I must go, I am in a bit of a rush.


Suzi will be performing nightly throughout the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at 6:35pm at Assembly George Square.

Suzi Ruffell

Award Winning Comedian, -

Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year nominee and Latitude New Act of the Year finalist, Suzi Ruffell, 'a real stand-up gem' (The Guardian) is returning to Edinburgh this summer with her hotly anticipated second show Social Chameleon. Fresh from supporting some of the UK’s top comedians on their sold out tours including Channel 4’s Chatty Man Alan Carr, star of The Last Leg Josh Widdicombe and Scotland’s finest Kevin Bridges. In the short time she has been performing she has notched up several radio and TV credits including; Edinburgh Comedy Fest Live (BBC3), Live at the Comedy Store (Comedy Central), LOLz Lounge (Radio 1) and numerous appearances on Radio 4. Tipped as ‘one to watch’ by Time Out it can only be a matter of time before this enchanting young performer begins to make a huge impact on the comedy world. “completely won over, thoroughly enjoyable” - British Comedy Guide Twitter: @suziruffell