Slow down... and see what happens!

On writing about slowing down this month I thought I would take my time... of course!

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And I found it interesting to just let time do its work and give my thoughts more space to flow instead of rushing to the page as usual. Now, like me, most of my clients are super-busy people who do not have time to spare. But too often, this is equated with cramming up lots of activities in the day and having never-ending to do lists. Does that somehow make us feel more alive, more efficient and important? Maybe we feel we want to experience life in the fast lane, to live it to the full?

Then we could not be further from the reality of what is happening. Living at 200 miles per hour, we have no time to truly enjoy all that we are living, to take in the landscape. We may be (maybe!) doing a lot but are we even noticing it? Are we really living our life?

Usually, we wait until we are overwhelmed to realise that something is wrong. What if we tried other ways even before that? Here are a few ideas:

- doing one thing at a time. This is my favourite. Hard burt worth giving it a go. Our brain is in fact not truly able to do several things at the same time, it is switching franctically from one to the other. As Clifford Nass from Stanford Universtity demonstrated, multittasking wastes more time than it saves and kills our concentration and creativity. So be more focused, more efficient, more creative: stop multitasking!

- being in the moment: enjoy what you are doing, "be" really in it, not in what you are going to do in 10 minutes.

- listening to your inner rhythms: what is in fact your own right rhythm? Slowing don is not dragging on, it is finding the right pace for you, finding that space in your mind that will give you more space in your life.

- breathing: before starting on a new task, when walking, waiting.. what about taking a deep breath? Mindfully? What about right now?

And why, may you ask, should we be doing all that? Well, try it and tell me what you think but I have found that I am in fact able to do more if I do one thing at a time and if I am really "in" it. I am more creative, more appreciative, I feel more truly alive. So, give it a go and.. enjoy!

Florence Parot

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Florence is an international expert in stress and sleep management. Her clients are busy and talented people under pressure and she helps them be at their best when they need it most. Florence is a member of the Editorial Committee of the French magazine “Sophrologie, Pratiques et Perspectives” and writes regularly for natural health publications. She published her first book: Instant Serenity for Life and Work: An Introduction to Sophrology in 2012 and wrote as the burnout expert for Guide de Sophrologie Appliquée, a book directed at Sophrology professionals in France (Elsevier Masson – 2014). Florence also blogs for the Huffington Post.