Human Design is Conditioning of Soul

By following someone's model of who you are, you become a slave to their thinking, their system and their ideology about life. You are no longer thinking independently, but are now caught up in a program by the promise of the success it will give you.

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Isn’t it tempting? To know that you can just get a user manual to successfully navigate life by learning whether you are a human design ‘generator’ or a ‘projector’ (and all the subsequent details for purchase!). It is so easy to buy into an easy pass to flow and success. But there is no such thing as a free lunch.

As any wise person will tell you, there is no manual for life other than getting to know life itself. Except of course, if you subscribe to religion – there is another 400+ page manual for you there. Even Human Design partly warns you so, but that does not keep you from suffering the dire consequences if you jump into the rabbit hole of the mental mind-game of knowing your soul.

The thing is, your soul cannot be known from a level of mind. The paradoxical truth of the Soul is that knowing the truth of your Soul happens through the absence of mind. If you authentically live from Soul, you do not need a pre-described mental roadmap of the soul. And inherently such map prohibits you from even knowing the truth of who you are.

And that is just one of the really good reasons why these modalities of the Soul, that promises to free you, end up trapping you in another level of illusion. Except, it is a much more deceptive kind of conditioning, because it presents itself convincingly as Soul. The highest achievement our mind can accomplish – to be superior to Soul. And it is tricky business;

  • In the realization that there is more to us than we think, we are lured into these systems in the desire to know and understand. It is natural phase to go through. We still want to know the Soul through the mind, and to a certain extent – we need to. But if we are not lucky to meet someone, who can guide us from a higher perspective, we can easily get lost in the mind-game of spirituality. The more detailed the system is, and the more we engage with it, the more conditioned we become. True Divinity is unconditioned.
  • It is our intellect that bring us to these systems such as HD in the desire to know and understand. Never the soul. And as said, it can be a good thing. But when we are still identified with the mind, the mind controls us. We do not control it. It means that we still do not have the capacity to question it. We just believe without comprehension. And thus, are prone to get caught in the ‘model’. 
  • As soon as we have agreed to the belief system we entered into, we are caught. The mind is exceptionally good at collecting evidence to validate the belief it has agreed to. That is its job. If someone gave you another design than the one you were given, you would lean into it just as fiercely, finding assurance which will build your confidence in the program. You might not believe so, but the science of the mind begs to differ. Just the fact that you get a personalized chart already condition your mind to accept its validity.
  • Thus, when you still live from a mind-conditioning, your mind keeps feeding you information to keep you believing in the design you have bought into. It goes back into its backlog of experiences to collect evidence, as well as it puts a filter over your perception of the world, which validate your belief system. And at this stage we do not yet have the ability to question the mental model our mind uses. It cannot question the validity of its own design. Thus, keeping you from knowing the real truth of your Divinity, and free yourself from mind.
  • And the nature of the mind is so that we can condition it to pretty much anything. Just think about the power of religion, sects, and what not. History is a tapestry of how minds have gotten lost in spiritual programming - because it 'felt true'.

A definition of you is handed to you by an external authority, who you have now vested your power in. They give you a manual that you start to program your consciousness with. And because it is a program, you start to live it. Thus, the experiences you have will mirror the programming. This is why in alchemical studies, there is very little programming, because it is understood that the subconscious cannot be approached from programming. Human Design is inherently mental programming. It cannot be anything else. It can give you glimpses of truth. But it is similar to saying that you know America if you have been to NY. You will know America, but you will also not know America. The real problem arises when you start to believe that the “rules of living successfully in NY” are the rules for life.

Luckily, by understanding how the mind works, we can start to question its patterns, and recognize the pitfalls it can bring us into in believing its version of reality. So, let’s now talk a little about the power of mental programming. And how any spiritual conditioning is inherently inauthentic.

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