The Consciousness of Human Design

Any spiritual doctrine adhere to a belief system. It has big impact on how we come to be in the world. The level of consciousness, such as Human Design, is not very advanced, and serve to keep the collective in a limited position of knowing reality.

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As was mentioned in the first article, any model becomes a cage. To free us from any cage, it helps to understand the cage we are in, why we ended up there, why we get caged even when we think we don’t, and consequently how to free ourselves.

But let’s first understand a little more about the models we get caught in, using Human Design as an example. Have you ever thought about what level of consciousness characterizes a modality like Human Design?

Often time we hear that modalities are ‘received’ or ‘channeled’ from spiritual beings, masters, entities and what not. And it is put forward as if that is in itself a sign of value, consciousness or spiritual authority. It is neither. So, let’s get one thing straight; the fact that a modality is received from an energetic ‘entity’ is not in itself a sign of high consciousness material. We can be highly spiritual, but not very conscious or spiritually intelligent.

Spiritual beings and energies exist at many levels of consciousness. The fact that they are ‘spiritual in nature’ does not necessarily make them knowledgeable, or even well-intended. Any person at any level of consciousness can have encounters with spiritual beings and entities.

The characteristics and quality of the outcome from an encounter will be a result of the level of consciousness the person is operating from. Meaning, any spiritual doctrine is received/created and impacted by the person’s consciousness. That is the filter any information has to come through. We can be rooted in limited consciousness – a simplified view of the world – and still produce spiritual content, but it will be from a limited understanding of what the Soul is, what the Divine is, and what Life is. At each level of consciousness, we step into, our reality and understanding of the world will change. To dive deeper into this, it is important to realize that being spiritual has nothing to do with consciousness. We can be highly spiritual at any level of consciousness. What differs is, among others, our world-view and the complexity of information we can handle. How we perceive the world. Our mental models of the world. How we act.

Human design is a mind construct – not a Soul construct

Human Design presents itself as a manual of your Soul/personality, which you can use to live your life successfully. It is created from the encounter between a man, Alan Krakower, and an energetic entity called ‘the voice’. This ‘voice’ was supposedly far superior in its intelligence than anything this man has ever met before. Now, the story does not reveal anything about what kind of intelligence this man had previously been exposed to, but when you start to take a deeper look at HD it gives you some clues that it probably was not very high or advanced intelligence.

Foremost, Human Design presents itself as a system anchored in 3D understanding of spirituality – where we are just starting to wake up to the realization that there is more to us than our body and what we think we are. As is typical for this stage of consciousness, we are identified with thought, and the identity of mind, and cannot grasp the ambiguity and complexity of the Universe and the Soul. We still believe we can know the Soul through mind, and has a need ‘to know all about the Soul’ – thinking that this is even a possibility. It is also characterized by its either/or thinking, which there is a lot of in Human Design. The belief in rules to live by to achieve specific outcomes.

The complex nature of Soul can first of all not be grasped from this limited, level of thought, and it can in fact be quite frightening to the awakening mind, which still believe in the ability to ‘know’ and control life. And thus, it has a natural need to produces a 'manual of the Soul'  - and guidance on how to 'operate it'. It provides ease to the awakening mind. Ironically, in its detailed description, it does not provide any room to know higher dimensions of ourselves. The more you know, the less you can actually know. The less we know, the more we know. 

In its systemic approach, Human Design shows no sign of being anchored in or having access to understanding of the complexity and unpredictability of the quantum field or a 5D reality – not to mention anything above that. Most likely, the inventor of Human Design Alan Krakower, came up with the design at a stage in his life where he was waking up from solely identifying with his conditioned self – his mind – and only just starting to grasp the notion of soul. As is the nature when operating from the level of mind consciousness, mystical experiences are put into mental models. Creating a mental model of the Soul.

Models can of course also be created after experiences with expanded consciousness. Though often they will be characterized more as guiding principles rather than a manual. In the case of Human Designs, the system appears vastly embedded in collective consciousness – just the fact that it is a ‘mechanical system with a 400-manual’ speak to itself.

The mental model dominating Human Design

Although the design claims to be based in, among others, quantum physics, the whole idea of a mechanical system of ‘how to live’ contradicts the essence of quantum physics. Rather it aligns with the ‘rational’ and ‘mechanical’ thinking of Newton, which has kept the world stuck in a limited understanding of reality for centuries. So, let’s look at how in its expression, it aligns to an outdated Newtonian understanding of human nature to explain the concept of the human soul.

Imagine that I took a cup of water out of the ocean at any given time and place. And I then analyzed the cup of water, noting down its characteristics, how it behaved, the rules it followed in its behavior, all the properties of this water. I then presented it to you as a full description, and a consequent manual of the ocean. First, you would recognize yourself in it - and probably believe it. And secondly, to study something, we have to separate it from the whole, thus only ever seeing a fragment of the whole. And to study something, we need to use a mental model to assess the object. The mental model will determine what we find.  The mental model is a result of consciousness - what we believe about the world. In other words, systems like Human design use a cup of water to describe the ocean, and doing it from a mental model, which is limited in consciousness. It is more Newtonian, reductionistic than Quantum.

  1. Foremost HD prides itself on being a ‘rational’ and ‘mechanical system’. The whole idea of putting a complex system (soul) into a manual is typical to the materialist and reductionist world-view that reduce all complex systems to simple, atomistic, law-abiding working parts. It is an expression of the dominant, and valued, world-view at the time when the model was ‘received’ (and still is for the majority of people operating from collective consciousness). And which has dominated the world and spirituality for centuries. Alan Krakower was himself a product of this dominant world-view, and it shows in his design thinking about soul/life as system, which is ruled by a regular system of laws.
  2. In alignment with the thinking of Newton, the system subscribes to the rational mind's belief that life can be predicted, described and controlled in some way. Along the lines of: "If you are a ‘generator’ you should always respond, never initiate. You will always have access to truth in the moment through your sacral. It will respond like xyz. If you are an opportunist, opportunities will always come to you through network. A job will always come through recommendation/connection you will never get it through direct application". These statements are repeated by human design experts.
  3. This kind of mental model does not tolerate nuance or ambiguity – which is exactly what Human Design seeks to eliminate with its attempt to ‘capture the truth of Soul’. As proponents of the Design says, the power lies in its ability to eradicate ambiguity of the mind. This mechanical design thinking cannot handle the fact that, although each person’s soul has unique qualities, the Soul is ‘everything’. And it cannot be reduced to a predictable recipe. Nuance, uncertainty and ambiguity are the authentic expression of life - of consciousness. As the mystics say, to know soul cannot be done through approaching it from mental programming – and for any law there needs to be an exception.
  4. It adheres to the belief that one can obtain certainty in life through abiding by a law and predictable essence of the Soul. That through knowing its predictability we can eliminate risk and assure equilibrium. The mental predictability of its ‘design’ does not align with spiritual wisdom neither quantum understanding of the complexity of life. Rather the design is communicated in a 400 pages manual on the Soul, which promises a successful life. Again, it is coming from the level of mind that believes that there are predictable ‘laws’ and ‘rules’ that we can use to successfully live life. It is the rational mind thinking it can know the game, and that ‘if I do this, then result will follow’. In its belief that we can know the rule of the Soul – i.e for a generator to ‘always respond’ it believes it can control and create predictability of life.
  5. Quantum physics stresses the creative potential of uncertainty. Describing the soul in such details as Human Design does is in direct odds with the quantum physical understanding of potential. As Danah Zohar, who has written extensively on the topic of Quantum Physics and spiritual intelligence, says, quantum physics tells us that creative systems are complex, powerfully interlinked and best left to self-organize in dialogue with their environment. The whole idea that the Soul is a ‘fixed’ expression that can be defined in a system, and learned through a manual, is at odds with among others quantum physics and the alchemical understanding of the soul’s uniqueness springing from a creative act – not by having a prescribed uniqueness intentionally in mind. The uncertainty that Human Design seeks to eradicate is the uncertainty signify the soul.
  6. In its quest to reduce uncertainty and ambiguity inherent to the nature of our Soul, and to the Universe, Human Design positions itself among the models of thinking that keep the world stuck in an illusion of what Soul, Source, Life and Reality authentically is, and what we really need to learn to know it. It might talk about highly complex and highly spiritual matters, but it does so from a reductionist, highly rational world-view at odds with the essence of the Divine. Further, it does so from a world-view dominating the collective consciousness, which is also why we so readily buy into these models, when we are still embedded in collective consciousness (although we perceive ourselves above that because we engage in 'spiritual thinking')

It is possible to gain information about your unique soul qualities. But the mental model that this information ‘comes through’ will impact the validity of the information you receive. As a general rule, the more ‘principled’ rather than detailed the information is, the more reliable. The less details, the more valued. The more ambiguous, the more truthful. The more rules it sets up, the less authentic it is. It is a paradox, which is difficult to understand when we are still waking up and leaving the collective consciousness.

The level of mind perpetuating the entire human design and system thinking, align itself to the collective consciousness, which is probably one of the reasons it has become so popular. The majority of the world still operates from the same limited mental model, which believe in the visible and tangible. Signs of success is measured in concrete things such as money, which is one of the promises that comes along with the ‘manual’ to life. It believes that we can buy an easy pass to know the ‘rules’ of the game, and thereby somehow ‘beat’ life at its own game. The problem is that the model our mind is caught in, is blind to what it cannot see.

But why is it then that we resonate so much with the model? There are very good reasons for that. In the upcoming articles, we will look at why that is, and the mind game, one is lured into, when jumping into the rabbit hole of Human Design.

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