THE PITFALLS OF HUMAN DESIGN – and other spiritual ideologies

Spiritual belief-systems such as 'Human Design' is becoming increasingly popular with the masses. But there is reason to stop and question before you get absorbed and disappear into the rabbit hole.

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During a time of transformation, in the place where another layer of conditioning is shed and reality takes another shape, my mind decided to do what it does best in those challenging times of ambiguity, it found a hook to hold on to. And before I realized what had happened, I was deep in the study of Human Design.

I had heard about Human Designs prior, and had received some information about my ‘design’ in a spiritual group I attended at the time. I listened with curiosity, and did what I usually do with these kinds of things, noted it and tossed it in the storage box for ‘spiritual entertainment’.

But as I sat with the uncertainty of illusions coming down, and reality being peeled away, I was ripe for any manual that could take me to the safe ground of certain success. And I dug in.

However, the physical discomfort that soon started to take root in my body was a clear sign of the world of distortion I had stepped into. My soul simply said no. As I caught up to my Soul with the truth of the situation, it was a sobering experience. The exercise quickly became to forget as much as possible about what I learned in order to restore my deep connection to my soul and direct access to Source, to Divine intelligence.

But the experience reminded me of the power of programs and spiritual conditioning of our Divine nature. How easy we are lured away from our Divinity by these ideas and promises of easy access into the heart of the mystery. Interestingly, had I followed “my human design”, I probably would not have received the opportunity to piece together a valuable lesson of the power of mind and programming. And to once and for all stop buying into these kinds of designs.

Although the dent to my Soul connection was felt, it was relatively small and short-lived. However, for people who stay long term in this kind of thinking, it can become a severe distortion in their access to the truth of their Divinity. And so, I feel called to share some perspectives on what happens when we buy into these spiritual ideologies. Now, Human Design prompted these articles, but in reality, it is about any spiritual dogma floating around. I know many people are hugely fond of Enneagram, Myers Briggs and like systems, and I think they pose similar obstacles to our ability to live into what it truly means to be a Divine human.

Often times the thing which promotes knowledge becomes its prison, and any model becomes a cage. Many of the soul personality doctrines entered the world at a time when the world was at a different level of consciousness. Collectively we were still very much embedded in 4D thinking and mind-consciousness. However, the world is evolving – and so are we. We are now in a phase of evolution where we need to reassess the usefulness of these models to living our authentic potential and to authentically know what we week to know, our true self. And to step away from the mechanical thinking such as Human Design, about who we are. Too many people have gotten stuck in the model. People believe in these ‘designs’ without understanding how they condition consciousness, keeping people from comprehension of what their soul truly is.

It is of outmost importance that we learn to keep an independent mind. And that is not easy to master, but it is vital if we are to live into our authentic Divine nature, and if we wish to continuously, authentically, and powerfully partner with Source energy to create live. Which I believe is the only source of Divine truth.

There is a lot to be said about models such as Human Design. However, this series of articles offer a perspective on moving the experience of why we are away from spiritual conditioning and inauthentic models, and into the direct experience and understanding of who we truly are. And to understand that the idea of being able to ‘capture’ our Soul and give us a manual on how to is a disillusioned mind- game. If you decide to read on, remember that Human Design is used as an exemplification of what happens when we condition and program our spiritual nature from the mind. However, this is essential about all spiritual dogma.

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