Great Wake Up Blog: Week #16

​This week's challenge: to detox our lives. Time to break out the kale and green juice?

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This week's challenge: to detox our lives. Time to break out the kale and green juice?

The challenge was to cut out coffee, alcohol, and refined sugar for four days this week. Admittedly the first two are pretty easy for me - I don't drink coffee (not for the health benefits but mainly because I cannot stand the taste and while I love the smell of coffee, the taste makes me grimace, no matter how much sucrose I pour on top of it), and I only really drink socially (aka: 2-4-1 cocktails over dinner).

The refined sugar was an interesting experiment, though - I became incredibly conscious over the four days of how much refined sugar I consumed on a daily knowledge without being truly aware or cognizant of the amounts. I have a huge sweet tooth, so this was not the best four days of my life, although I was able to supplement it with fresh fruit and staring at marshmallows lustfully.

After the four days were over, I definitely found myself considering what I was eating more of, and even scaling back a bit on the refined sugar (I won't deny that I went a bit chocolate mad the day after, but still). Making small changes like that aren't bad, and even scaling back a bit is better than doing nothing. I might never be one of those people who insist they never eat dessert or have chocolate (and I'd never want to be, but that's just me), but there's nothing wrong with detoxing for a short period of time if you're feeling you're getting a bit dependent on these common stimulants.


Go to the profile of Sarah-Kate Goodwin
over 5 years ago
You hit the nail right on the head there Chris - To enjoy them infrequently and not be dependant on our 'guilty pleasures' is the important bit. Great post!
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
over 5 years ago
Thanks Chris, super glad it brought some awareness and balance. C x