Beauty all around

Week 14 experiment to take 5 minutes to notice the beautiful things in my life EVERY DAY.

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As you know from previous posts I've been getting out and about lately, walking and on the bike so once again I found this to be much easier than some of the other experiments. We saw baby birds in the forest, looked out to the North Wales mountains and countryside whilst enjoying the best ice cream ever in Parkgate, took in the amazing views from Moel Famau at a height of 562m and planned visits to other beautiful places we want to visit. All of this looking outward for beauty when beside me every step of the day are my 3 amazing children, who never fail to put a smile on my face, to make me laugh, to push my own personal limits and to embrace the gifts they have been given, always doing their best and filling me with pride. So my youngest son managed the 14 mile cycle with his short legs, without complaint, simply enjoying some family time and the amazing scenic views...we trekked to the top of the mountain (it's not a hill and by no means an easy walk) discussing its height in feet as my darling daughter asked "is that by your feet or mine then dad?" and she blew me away with the most angelic version of 'somewhere only we know' when we cashed in her Christmas gift and she spent the day as a recording artist, having a photoshoot and then recording her song (once again hard going and a long, tiring day but she embraced it) and yesterday we all ran the race for life with their primary school (according to the distances we could reasonably manage) all for a good cause of course but my oldest son, never shirking a challenge rocked up and ran the full 5K!! So I have established that the most beautiful things in my life are the people I see every single day and I am so proud of their commitment, perseverance and positive outlook that I could burst most days. When I have my family around me, I can take on anything and the whole world is a more beautiful place to be.

Enjoy the beautiful things in your life, they're precious.

Best wishes and much love,


Rebecca Ashworth

2016 Wake Up! Champion Blogger (amoungst others)


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over 5 years ago
Wow, great activity and love your reminder of the importance of family, huge love, C x