Week 13

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Well, what a week for reflection! I was unable to do much else this week as I was struck down with a horrendous infection. The additional days off (sick) gave me ample opportunity to sit and mull things over (between antibiotics and once the painkillers had kicked in); planning for the future and contemplating the endless possibilities that lay before me. Once again the school holidays are upon us and my body clock can take control again (which I love). I have de-cluttered my life a little, taking on no more than I can reasonably manage and doing things that make me happy (for that sole reason) including some lazy chill out days to enable me to recharge my batteries before the mayhem takes over again.

I have also found myself reflecting on personal achievements of late and planning for new challenges. I am always looking for self improvement and ways of flourishing in terms of personal growth and development; expanding my skills and knowledge, really pushing myself in various areas of life including further education and training, employment, hobbies and interests...and this seems to have gone by the wayside over the cold winter months (when I'd much rather hibernate than do much else) so my passion has awoken and I'm ready to begin the next chapter of my life, embracing the possibilities of studying a masters degree, changing jobs and a spot of DIY/home decorating/landscape gardening in my (very little) spare time. But this caters to my emotional needs and personal well-being so it really is a must.

I'm more than happy to be on a journey of self-exploration, setting personal targets en voyage, and taking the highs with the lows as I tackle endless Easter chocolates within my 'healthy eating' way of life (it is not a diet) and trying to embark on a new exercise routine whilst watching my blood pressure as I recover from dental surgery (impossible right?!) So I'm getting up and dusting myself off so that I can regain some element of control in my life and get back in the driving seat. I know I'm still a work-in-progress but I'm certainly getting there and I firmly believe that "slow and steady wins the race".

Best wishes and much love,


Rebecca Ashworth

2016 Wake Up! Champion Blogger (amoungst others)


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over 5 years ago
Duvet days can be a great opportunity to take stock of our lives. Glad to hear you are getting there. Thanks for all, C x