Embrace Nature

Week 12 experiment to spend ten minutes every day in nature, somewhere green.

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This has been such a fulfilling task...given the recent break in bad weather, I have truly embraced this experiment and nature. From leisurely walks in the park, nature trails 'Bear Grylls style', to mountaineering and bike riding, I have surrounded myself with green. Even simple gardening tasks or cycling to school enables us to surround ourselves with all kinds of greenery and this has been priceless in terms of the positive feelings evoked. I usually travel by car so taking to the bike and cycle paths has given me an appreciation for my locality, the things that usually go unnoticed or the secret world that I have never before encountered and I LOVE IT! The long, summer days are not far away and I relish the opportunities I have to get out and about (with the kids and dog in tow) to explore more and be at one with nature.

Best wishes and much love,


Rebecca Ashworth

2016 Wake Up! Champion Blogger (amoungst others)