Reach Out

Week 10 experiment to help a stranger every day

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I love the warm content feeling of helping (or trying to help) someone out. Not only does it make me feel better on a selfish and individual level but I also think it restores the faith of other people in humankind. It is often said that "one good deed deserves another" and perhaps this is true; that my one act of kindness will somehow filter through like dominoes or the butterfly effect, inspiring other people and making the world a slightly nicer place to be. We never truly know how any other individual is feeling and a simple gesture or act of kindness can literally change lives. The idea of "paying it forward" has become so popular that it has a specific day (April 28th 2016 if you're wondering) aiming to generate over ten million acts of kindness in a single day, amazing would it be to be involved in that?!

Much love and best wishes


Rebecca Ashworth

2016 Wake Up! Champion Blogger (amoungst others)


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over 5 years ago
Thanks for the tip Rebecca on Pay It Forward Day...nice one, big love, C x