3 Quick Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Here I share 3 easy ways you can maximise your daily output both at work and at home.

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Do you feel like you just never have enough time in the day? When you reflect back on your day, it feels like you’ve been super busy and literally not stopped to take a breath, so why then have you got very little done?

Introduce a Timer 

Walk yourself through a typical day, and notice when you get distracted. Did you check your phone, check an email, take that phone call, just do that “one other thing first”, or even stop to make a quick cup of tea.

If you’re honest with yourself, there are tasks that you could have done much more quickly if you hadn’t got distracted, and here’s where a timer is the perfect, but simple tool to help you “get things done”.

Whether you’re at home or work, alarms and timers can be so simple, but absolutely game changing! 

There are lots of different ways we can track the time:

  • the alarm on your phone

  • a stopwatch

  • a cube timer

  • the “Echo” device at home

So next time you need to complete a task, set the timer for 15 mins or 30 mins, and then go go go! 

Depending if you’re at work or home, then It’s eye’s down at the computer, or a quick whiz round the house, but either way, you continue with your task, avoiding all distractions until the timer goes off.

I’ve been guilty of getting distracted by phone calls etc, but this method really does help to remind you that you just need to get on with the task in hand. This means if the phone goes, (unless it’s an emergency) you don’t take that call, or respond to that text, (or even pick up your phone to check the text).

You’ll be amazed how much you can get done when you set this simple timer and chunk up your day like this.

Of course a more creative, thinking type of activity requires a longer period of time but, equally allocating time to it can still be really effective.


So if it’s not written down and in your calendar for the day, will it really get done?

Allocating time in your day to getting a task done means the likelihood of you actually following it through increases significantly. 

There are varying degrees of scheduling, (which I’ll share in a future post), but simply writing down what you need to get done, and then spending some time considering how long it will take and at what time you’ll do this, means you’re much more prepared for the day than you perhaps would have been.

Scheduling can also help you to really see how realistic your to do list is. For example, I sometimes in my head plan a ridiculous amount of stuff to get done, until that is, I start to plan my week/day through scheduling, and then quickly see that I was being far too ambitious. This is why we then get frustrated that we’ve not been able to complete everything on the list. 

Until you right it down, and block time out you can see what is a priority, how long you need, and how many hours you realistically have in the day. Especially when you also have to factor in, last minute tasks, personal development or family and friends.

Know your energy time zones

By this I mean, are you aware of when you’re at your most productive, and at what point in the day you just feel zapped of energy?

Then you absolutely must choose the most important things on your to do list during your “peak performance time”.

My most productive time is first thing in the morning, when I feel like I could conquer the world. If I even attempt to carry out those tasks at other times in the day then I already know it’ll be a non starter.

Some people are night owls, some prefer to go to bed early and wake early, so do what’s best for you.

The main thing is to spend a day/week noticing when your energy levels are at their best. You’ll be amazed how much you can get done once you’re working in line with your body’s natural productivity curves.

Once you’ve tried this out, then please get in touch and let me know how this has improved your daily output. 

If you do have any questions on this then please get in touch with me at My Website, and you can also get my Free Guide for "5 Daily Habits that can Change Your Life."

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