Less is more. Slow down, you wont be missing anything

The pace and complexity of life have increased but we can learn from the tortoise..

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Some exceptional people have an uncanny ability to act as if they have all of the time in the world and make you feel that they have their undivided attention, no matter how much is going on around them. Their ability to actively listen and engage gives them a presence which is both impressive and attractive to others and being with them makes you feel good about yourself. Most coaches and mentors aspire to be like this and it is core to their value proposition. Unfortunately I see many others doing the exact opposite- charging around, trying to do too much and feeling that they lack the time to do anything fully or as well as they would have wished.

'Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle they need to overcome. Since the present moment is life itself, this is an insane way to live'

Eckhart Tolle

The solution is harder to find than the prognosis but attitude plays a big part and that starts with the notion that more is very often less. To give you an example I often ask my teenage daughters why they spend so much time on social media and I get a variety of answers. They enjoy it (some of the time!) but very often they are driven by a fear that they might miss something or are out of the social (read political) loop. I believe that this often applies to adult behaviours as well. We often feel time poor and looking at our lives through this lens of scarcity can be self fulfilling.

Our tendency to rush and overwhelm is very often driven by a combination of fear (that we might miss something) guilt (that we are not doing enough- for our children for example) or simply due to the desire to make the best of our precious free time. One solution is to consciously chose to do less and therefore to have more time to do each thing well. Easier said than done perhaps- but then again perhaps not. By being more selective you are forced to prioritise the things which really matter, and exclude those (twitter time perhaps?) that don't. Behaving more like the tortoise than the hare can take you to a calmer more contented place and you will see the effect this has on those around you. If in doubt, think of the delighted look on children's faces when they see that they have your full, loving and undivided attention. I did not imagine that did I?

This is something which you can practice during finite, precious periods of time such as holidays. By employing the mental trick of acting as if you have unlimited time you will feel less urgency, will tend to slow down, do less and you may experience the sensation of time slowing down as you begin to relax more deeply and fully. Slowing down and being more fully engaged in the moment can be a life long pursuit but it is surely worth the effort?

David Head

Coach and Mentor, Accelerating Experience

With twenty years experience in the search industry before becoming a coach, I combine highly personalised coaching and mentoring with broader commercial insight and perspective. I will help you to find your purpose, to thrive in your career and to change direction when this is what is needed. I will commit to helping you to achieve a state of flow by aligning values and purpose with what you do and how you do it. contact me via david.head@acceleratingexperience.com 07920 064056


Go to the profile of Vicky France
over 7 years ago
Makes me feel better already, instead of some sort of guilt ... , exactly what I need and thank you for describing it so well! Will practise on holidays.
Go to the profile of David Head
over 7 years ago
Thank you Vicky. I hope it worked. Now that we are into September and a new cycle of life has started, I f will be trying to maintain a holiday mindset and calm equilibrium. More is less, less is more..