How to make stress work for you

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to thrive under stress? Research has shown that this is because they respond differently to stress. The difference is their attitude or their mindset. They accept stress as a normal part of life and instead of trying to avoid or reduce it, they choose to embrace it. 

Resilient people have more of a growth mindset. They accept that they will have to endure difficult experiences and adversity to find their strengths to follow their goals. They view challenges, criticism or mistakes as an opportunity to learn because they believe it will help them grow, increase their sense of wellbeing and reach higher levels of achievement. 

Embracing stress can change the way you perceive challenges, think about yourself and what you can achieve. It can help you to discover your strengths, courage and potential. Learning to see the good in stress and see it as a friend, rather than an enemy, can enable you to meet the challenges in your life more confidently and thrive.

Recent scientific studies have indicated that we are capable of transforming the way we think and live with stress. Kelly McGonigal, a health psychologist, has explored how her thinking and teaching about stress has radically changed in her book, The Upside Of Stress. From her extensive research she supports the belief that “stress is helpful, and should be accepted, utilised and embraced.” The evidence is that stress and adversity enables us to learn, grow, connect and engage in all aspects of our life.

You probably know people who have been able to transform difficulties and challenges into opportunities and possibilities by learning from their experiences. Whether it's problems in the workplace, at home, with relationships or health issues you have witnessed how they thrived, demonstrated courage and resourcefulness as a result. This is because they responded by looking for the opportunity to learn and grow from their stressful situation. In fact you can see it happening all around you everyday. I have witnessed this in my friends, family and clients. I have personally experienced stressful life events, redundancy, divorce and severe injury. I continue my own journey to develop a growth mindset, learning to embrace and utilise stress and adversity in a positive way. Working on changing my attitude towards stress has helped me to be mentally and emotionally stronger, more flexible in my thinking, able to face challenges more confidently, persist in the face of setbacks and learn from criticism.  

How to rethink your attitude to stress

To help you to start thinking about stress in a different way consider how you would answer these 3 questions. 

  • Identify situations when you have been challenged and felt stronger as a result?


  • When has anxiety helped you to rise to a challenge?


  • How can you embrace stress and become more resilient?


So rather than stress being something you think is damaging to your health and wellbeing explore how you can rethink it. Seeing the positive side of stress is not about deciding whether stress is all good or all bad. It's about how choosing to see the good in stress can help you face the difficulties and challenges in your life. 

You can become more resilient by learning to accept, embrace and utilise stress and use it to pursue what really matters to you. Changing your attitude to stress and working on developing a growth mindset will help you become your resourceful best, stronger,  happier and more successful. 

If this has resonated with you and you would like to find out more how to embrace stress and make stress work for you please contact or call 07736 649584 







Kate Darbyshire Evans

Helping women entrepreneurs and designers in the fashion industry who struggle with overwhelm and anxiety to thrive, Finer Thinking

I help women entrepreneurs and designers who struggle with overwhelm and anxiety to rethink their response to stress and learn how to accept, embrace and utilise it to become more resilient, happier and more successful. Stress is inevitable but by changing your attitude to stress you can transform your challenges and difficulties into opportunities and possibilities. Utilising stress can be liberating and empowering by choosing to see stress as your friend, rather than seeing it as your enemy. By building your resilience you will be able to remain flexible in your responses to your thoughts, behaviours and emotions when under stress. Learning how to transform stress and make it work for you is exciting and liberating. As a result you will feel more empowered, confident and resilient and be able to: • rethink and change your attitude to stress • know what it means to be good at stress • embrace challenges with confidence and positivity • persist in the face of setbacks • use anxiety to help you rise to your challenges • see effort as the way to mastery and achievement • turn nerves into excitement • how to turn a threat into a challenge • turn adversity into a resource • turn self focus into bigger than self goals As an experienced coach, with over 20 years in the fashion industry at director level, I love helping and supporting women to explore and understand the real underlying causes of their stress that undermines their resilience. My aim is to bring clarity, motivation and purpose by helping them challenge their attitude to stress and move from a fixed mindset towards a growth mindset. To learn the skills to respond to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a positive, powerful and sustainable way. This enables them to strengthen their resilience and increase their self-esteem so they can more confidently deal with the challenges that life throws their way. Running a business, whether or not you employ people or not is often isolating and very challenging at times. You can easily become overwhelmed by the workload, constant change and the responsibility it involves. Stress and burnout can creep up on you. I understand what burnout is like that having personally experienced severe stress in my twenties. I have also experienced some major challenges and changes in my life, including redundancy, severe injury and divorce so I appreciate and value the importance and benefits of developing resilience and self-care. Women want to manage their lives better, both practically and emotionally and achieve their goals and aspirations. As an owner and manager of people it is important that you create an environment where you, your people and the business can flourish and thrive. This requires focusing on becoming resilient by developing a growth mindset and accepting and embracing stress rather than trying to avoid or reduce it. In addition to I speak on how to rethink and transform attitudes to stress to empower women and build their resilience. I also write articles on the subject.