My mantra for 2020 is THRIVE

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My mantra for 2020 is THRIVE, In sha Allah. I have been thinking of a phrase to focus on this year and I really want to do whatever I can within my capacity to thrive. First start is to create life work balance and not work life balance. Minimise stress and to focus on what feels right for me. I want to become more self-aware and practice consistent self-compassion. The relationship I have with myself will set the tone for my relationship with others; a reality I understood and accepted many moons ago. Easier said than done, last year was intense and emotionally exhaustive because the process of healing began. Some progresses were made, lists were checked off and contentment maintained to some extent. This experience has motivated me to continue the process of healing through thriving and not to only go through the motions.

A lot has changed yet certain patterns require extra efforts for me to unlearn. I aim to do so by rewriting those old stories about me as told by others which no longer serve me; it never really did, looking back now. I am the narrator of my stories, point blank period! I intend to hold onto the lessons learnt and to continue choosing to thrive despite the challenges both foreseen and unforeseen.

The one thing I am excited for is my brand SheaCompassion and I am very grateful for how successful the launch was received by both friends and the target market.The overall support is truly amazing.There is a niche for our products and I squealed with glee after being featured on a Norwegian afro hair blog I am still learning about starting a business and the work required to run one. I am learning to accept all the practical help, advice and I am open to new ideas. Our bestselling product is the Lavender Butterdream from the trio collection. I am biased because SheaCompassion has been my labour of love and I love each one of the products. I am positive that the future for SheaCompassion will exceed my expectation. I cannot wait to share what's new and upcoming. 

So here goes my journey to thrive, along with faith and not fear because I am deserving.

Love & Light


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Ummi Fulani

Sosionom/Social Worker & Psychologies Ambassador, Child & Adolescent Mental Health (Oslo University Hospital)