2019 has taught me so much, thanks to Psychologies.

I would never have believed that dreams could come true. I talked the talk. I began to walk the walk. I stepped out of my comfort zone and faced challenges I never would have perceived possible. I did it all, thanks to the Psychologies Team.

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As a writer I have been very quiet. 

I would love to say this was because I had been writing in solitude, pulling together another piece for the future, to be read. 

I wasn't. 

I had always had a dual desire to be both the writer and the teacher, but I was afraid. I was afraid I would never be good enough as either. Maybe I was expecting just too much of myself. 

During my time as an Ambassador and subscriber for Psychologies Magazine, I have sought out and focussed so much energy into a vision, into a dual dream, yet for whatever reason, the dream had failed to be realised in reality. It remained purely a desire for something that I did not truly believe I had the capacity to become. Or so I had thought. 

There are so many reasons why I had so much self-doubt, and on so many occasions I often wondered how I could be an Ambassador for a Magazine that promoted Health and Wellbeing, when every day I looked in the mirror and saw a failure.

If I had been unable to look after myself positively - I had believed - how could I help to encourage others to see beyond their negative thoughts?

Hence the silence. 

I had to become active. I had to challenge myself. I had to test my own strength and resilience, my own capacity of both mental, physical and let's not forget emotional strength. I am calling it my What if. . . experience.  I threw myself out of my comfort zone. I was able to achieve and place myself into one of my wants in my vision, and became proactive in an evolutionary flow. 

What did I learn through my What if. . . experience? 

Humanity, certainly has the capacity to survive and learn, if we choose to, and I hope to make the time to let you know a lot more in 2020, sharing what happened and the many changes, as the Writer, who now works within Secondary Education as a Casual Cover Supervisor. 

I will make the time to write, because no matter what the if, the where and the when, I want to share how in simply reading a magazine that arrives in a beautiful environmentally friendly package once a month, if you subscribe, can certainly encourage the reader to rise to the challenge, step out of the comfort zone and test your self-worth. Because you can and it worked for me. With the right support, motivation and methods of relaxation techniques, it's quite the surprise what you can do. 

The techniques worked for me in 2019.

I wish the Psychologies Magazine Team and community the most Festive, Crafting and Relaxing Christmas and the pursuit of many more what if. . . challenges and adventures for 2020.

See you soon. 

Julie Spencer




Julie Spencer

Cover Supervisor and Creative Writer

Proud to be an Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine. I value kindness, compassion, professionalism and integrity. I recently spent 3 years writing in solitude in an attempt to find my inner-poet. Did I succeed? After reading a book that suggested I acknowledge my fears and challenge them anyway. I accepted the challenge and choose to journal and publish my findings here.

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