my 'Date with Destiny'

​I heard some guy called Tony Robbins some years ago, in March 2019 I signed up to attend his event called 'unleash the power within' in London. Never did I think this would lead to life changing moments. Read on for what happened with my next encounter... my date with destiny.

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I had no idea what would be in store for me or what I might learn, the one and only thing I recall is signing up for more. I was HUNGRY for more Tony Robbins, more self development, more knowledge, more everything. I signed up for three more programs (with no idea how to fund it) because I knew I had to. 

Fast forward to December 4th 2019, I arrive into West Palm Beach in Florida, USA to attend a 'Date with Destiny' a full 6 day program of pure self development. If you have ever seen Netflix  'I'm not your guru' then you may have an inkling about this event. 

I'm not your guru
 Full of excitement and a little apprehension of what I might learn about myself,  6 full days and nights of exploring my own thinking patterns, limiting beliefs, values all leading to a discovery to enable the next level of life, whatever that level is.  I didn't have clarity or focus on what I really wanted, I have achieved everything on my check list except for one thing. Love. That's been a huge focus for me this year to love myself, taking my own self care to another level. If you aren't sure what I mean, maybe this will resonate: If you have ever flown on a plane, there is a safety demonstration which shows the air mask for cabin oxygen, notice that the instruction is to put on your own mask on before you help others. Never a truer word said, how can I serve others if I don't look after and serve for myself?

From the start of date with destiny,  Tony spent each day pumping the room up to create energy and get what he calls into a 'peak state',  there is a lot of music, yelling, dancing that's all a part of the gig (and yes, you may feel self-conscious along with 5000 other people at first) . One thing is clear, Tony is a master, you work on his time table, he will go for hours straight with no break if that's what it takes. The man is large, I mean tall, strong and extremely intense. He is frightening in moments and so gentle and emotional the next, every second is created to provide the platform for us/me/we to evolve and be successful. There is no one comparable to this man who commands your commitment to yourself and holds you accountable throughout the event. Each day built on the previous one, long days and nights guiding us through our own personal stories and journeys, inviting us to open up to ourselves.  

Early into the event, we are assigned groups and have to choose a buddy. I wont mind sharing that my biggest fear in the past has been rejection. I mean, no one wants to be rejected right? I didn't get chosen and there didn't appear to be a buddy for me, I felt so unworthy I left early feeling unloved and 'why me' syndrome.  I was unsure if I wanted to return because I felt 'rejected' (any my biggest inappropriate negative emotion). I returned the next morning feeling embarrassed as I raised my hand in the group to admit I didn't have a buddy, at the same time, Ben raised his hand, our eyes locked and smiles began  - I had been waiting for Ben all along. Now to clarify, Ben is not my love story, he's someone who is an incredible spiritual teacher and someone who will continue to have significance in my life long after this event. Ben and I spent 5 intense days being there for each other, holding each other to account on our tasks and activities. There were moments of intense laughter and intense emotion. Slowly and gradually throughout the 6 days, my heart chakra opened like never before, the love, warmth, the hugging and connection between these 5000 people through interactions and interventions was pure MAGIC. I never wanted to leave the room or this bubble. I felt energy flowing through me like a state of arousal knowing with certainty my values, my beliefs and goals are aligned with my blueprint. I know without a shadow of a doubt I am on track of great success and fulfilment. I know my past values have been career, freedom, money, adventure yet, I had not really ever made time for love or was open to love. I believed I had to make a choice between having a career or love, now I see that all is possible and neither are a choice. Love is above everything and now I am so open to love that I accept rejection may be a part of finding true love. THAT is progress my friends. Now I realise that LOVE is my destiny, not just the physical kind, the connection of the soul.  Ego is a way to prevent the soul from loving so I lay down my ego to really learn in each moment how to cultivate more love, warmth and connection to better serve others. I make it my mission to serve others, bringing energy and joy to mine and others lives. 

My date with destiny ended with a huge amount of love for myself, energy off the scale - leading with my heart, unafraid and unapologetic of who and what I am, I stand and speak in my truth.  I can have it all, love, career, success, financial abundance, health and achieve anything my heart desires. I had an absolute blast with my date and can't wait for the next one. It might be with Tony Robbins, or maybe its with the love of my life.  

Until next time, think less, feel more. 
Love + Peace

Zoe W

Zoe Walters

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