When we are on a spiritual path, past lives stories or memories often come up in our journey at some point. But how beneficial is it to dwelve on the past? Here are 4 truths about past life work, which can help you to move on from the past and into the present.

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As much as the spiritual path can lead us to the heart of truth, it equally provides us with places to hide from it. In fact, the more spiritual we become, the more places there are to hide. Hide from truth, our power, from the present moment, from creating our life. The world of spirituality provides endless places to get lost and distracted from creating this life to its fullest.

One of the places I find that many spiritual seekers like to stake out is in past lives.

They look towards past lives to find explanations for difficult love relations, why they cannot move on from relationships, why they cannot create what they want, why they cannot move forward in life, why they keep experiencing the same stories, or to validate their spirituality and spiritual powers.

But most times the past life stories are just romanticized, entertaining or dramatic stories that keep people distracted from or stuck in the present moment. Only it feels like a more interesting or spiritual way to be stuck than the truth of the present making us believe it serves us in some way. But it really does not.

If we go looking for past life to explain the current, it rarely provides any true healing or path forward. Most often it is just another place to hide from truth, get distracted, abdicate responsibility and forgo the present moment.

If you are ready to let go of the past and come into the present moment of your authentic Soul power, here are 4 truths about past life work that can help you dissolve the spell of the past.

  1. An energetic pattern is just a pattern - no matter when it originated. If what you are experiencing in this life has roots to past lives, it only means that you have repeated the same pattern for a very long time.  Meaning you keep holding on to feelings or beliefs that once served you, but don’t any longer and keep taking the same actions or approaching circumstances from the same level of mind that you did in the past. And thus, you keep creating the same circumstances to live out this pattern until you decide to change it. Even though the circumstances might be different you still continue to create and live out the same basic story based on experiences from the past.There is nothing particularly interesting or special about that. Whether our blocks or restrictions originated in a past life or when we were 5 years old or from something happening last week, doesn’t really matter. The only way to break any life negating pattern is to take new actions that can break the energetic pattern.And it is never comfortable to break out of our comfort zone and break old habits – regardless of when the pattern originated. Wanting to make it more difficult because it originated in a past life is only a way to hide from your power and telling yourself a story that makes it more comfortable and OK for you to not take responsibility and get on with your current life. Going down the rabbit hole to keep indulging your Ego in past life stories where you struggled immensely will not make it easier.

    Instead, stop putting significance and meaning into past life experiences and focus on what is presently keeping you from your intention. Take it in strides and focus on creating something new now.

  2. Stop asking ‘why’ something is and start focusing on ‘how’ to create something new ‘Why’ is one of the most important words to eradicate from one’s vocabulary if wanting to live from authentic soul power in any area of life. But few places more so than when it comes to past lives where the question ‘why’ is often the kick-starter.When you ask questions with ‘why’ you cannot help engage unreliable sources.‘Why’ does not engage our intuition, Soul or ‘higher self’ because they are not concerned with such matters. They are concerned with ‘what is’ -  matters of truth and are not bound by stories – old or new.

    ‘Why’ is rather the favorite question of the Ego and our rational mind, who are eager storytellers and love the invitation to conquer one up. And ‘why’ always invites a story. “Why did this happen to me, why am I feeling this way, why is this not working, why is he/she doing…...”.  It invites explanations, interpretation, meaning-making.

    All tasks of the ego and rational mind, who are eager to respond – especially creating stories which make us feel important, regardless of whether the importance comes from victimhood or glory (hence why so few share past life stories about mundanities). And the more feelings are involved, the more dramatic and less reliable a story tend to be. Just think about the times you’ve conquered up stories in this life….

    When we deliberately go looking for past life stories, we invite voices from within our consciousness, which origin are difficult to discern – is it Ego wanting to be special in some way, is it a tale we were once told or our rational mind trying to make sense of our experience based on past knowledge?

    The truth is that the more evolved our consciousness is, the less we are concerned with the stories of ‘why’. Because we have little need to rest in a story of comfort and explanation, which put our rational mind and ego at peace. We focus on what we can learn and how we can move forward.

    You can only change the past by changing the present anyway. And since there is no time/ space in consciousness – but only this moment – what you change and transform now, heals everything that went before. Rather than looking into what was and keeping you engaged and lost in stories of the past, ask questions that propel you forward and bring you into power of the present. Ask ‘what is for me to do’ – ‘how can I move forward’ – ‘what actions can I take to break the pattern’ – ‘what are the energetic roots I need to change’  – ‘what is my intention for what I want to create’.

    If you cannot leave a relationship – don’t make it about a past life connection or infuse it with special meaning. Own your feelings and choices in this life, look at what is present and need to happen. If you made a choice in a past life that do not serve you any longer, make a new choice. We are not ‘meant’ to be with someone or to do something. That would defy free will and the fact that we are the creator of our life.

    And remember, it is spiritual law that ‘if you ask, you will receive’, and thus if you ask, you’ll always receive an answer as consciousness respond to intention. If you believe that your issue is a past life issue, you will find a past life issue. And if you are not satisfied with your first answer, you will be given another. And, at the end of the day, the reality is that you can never really know the truth of what happened 15 lifetimes ago or who you really were at that time, and looking to the past just easily take us out of the present, where we need to be if we want to create life powerfully.

  3. Your memory might not be your memory We carry collective memories in our consciousness. You don’t really know if your past life stories really happened to you or to someone else. Even though they feel real to you, they still might not be something you experienced.First of all, we are all one. And as such, we are all a part of the collective consciousness, and carry collective experiences in our consciousness. The power dynamics, societal structures, collective norms etc. from previous lifetimes live on in our consciousness even though experiences or consequences of the circumstances did not happen to us directly. The collective dominant energetic structures live on in all of us – especially if we were incarnated in that life time.Likewise, we internalize experiences from people we have witnessed, been close to or have been impacted by. Maybe it is not your personal memory you carry around events – but it could be your sisters, your neighbors, or your cousin you once witnessed go through something and were energetically close to. Just as we can internalize the energetic experience of our parents, people around us or the collective conditions in this lifetime, so can we carry around energetic residue of the culture, society and people we were once a part of.

    A classic example; many spiritual women talk about being burned at the stake or experienced a witch hunt. The truth is that the number of spiritual women today, who share such past life stories, really doesn’t add up with the number of women who were actually persecuted. And whether it actually happened to you or not doesn’t really matter. Because if it happened to some it happened to all of us. We carry that memory, fear or energetic imprint in our collective feminine consciousness. For instance, the knowing that it was not safe for women to speak up or to be or do certain things can show up as a personal memory when go into the past expecting to find a hurt simply because it is a part of our collective consciousness. The fear of it and the actual experience of it.

    If something like this comes up for you, it doesn’t matter if it happened to you or not. Maybe it did or it didn’t – but you still carry it in consciousness. It does not make you special or not special. What matters is what you do what that information. Do you succumb to the story and make it mean something or do you use it to break the pattern in this life time?  What you heal, you help others heal.

  4. The story doesn’t matter, learn to stand without story. People embellish past life stories. We love to get lost in story – whether it is present or past life. The story about the unjust that happened to us, what harm we were put through, how unfair things are, how scary something is, what could potentially happen to us, who we are meant to be or once were. Stories are stories – and they are ok, we just need to recognize what they are and the role they serve and treat them accordingly.Whether you were once a shaman, medicine woman, witch or high priestess does not tell me who you are in this life time. I’ve been told all sorts of stories about who I was or what happened to me in a past life. From a nun, who went mad because she heard voices, to friend of El Morya and ‘close to enlightenment’. Personally, I pay lip-service to all of it. Foremost what matters is who we are in this life time, how we show up and what we choose to do with our life. It is all well and great that you were once enlightened or worked as a medicine woman if you in this life time does not decide to share your gift.And the truth is, we don’t really know. The story is really just a story. Be careful that past life stories don’t just become a more sophisticated form of present-day victimhood. Eventually we all have to stand without story in all areas of life if we want to come into true soul power. All we really need to do is to hold on to the essence. Energy never lies and the truth is to be found in the energies that underline the story. Not in the story.

    Something really horrible or really great has happened to most of us in a past life. But none of it has so much power over us that we cannot break free from it in this current life or that we automatically embody it in this life. Become the most exalted version of yourself today. Even if it takes time, effort, will power and discipline to shed old layers, it is possible. And the less you focus on the story of the pat, and the more you focus on the truth of the present, you’ll get there faster.

Past life work has its relevance, importance and its validity if we approach it with a level of detachment and insignificance.

I offer past life Akashic readings for my clients myself. But I focus on providing them with the understanding of the energetic choices they made and still uphold, and I emphasize that the story which goes with it is not important. It could be this or another story – the important thing is what are the actions and behavioral patterns you keep upholding, which keeps you from your spiritual and creative power. Face the truth, take new actions, create changes, find peace with what is, and trauma will be cleared and healed.

We don’t have to seek out past life experiences. My personal experience in my own work and through my work with clients is that past life memories and experiences come up naturally and unforced if we just do our consciousness work, and focus on what is right now. If we stay present we are automatically provided with information when we need to know anything about our past lives to move forward. It rarely comes with a big elaborate story, but is brief and with just enough information to help us apply it to the present and move forward. We don’t have to seek it out and keep digging into the past.

I also experience that where past life work has its greatest healing power and validity it is rarely spoken of – because we just resolve the issue without the need to engage in the story or to continue to investigate. Where I see people get fascinated with the past life stories or start to use it as explanations for what happens or does not happen in their present life, it is always a place of hiding. Hiding from the truth of the present moment and the need to make something more important than it really is.

Whatever happened to you in a past life – it is always the present moment that counts. So if you want to heal past life trauma, just come into the present. And make this life and this moment count.

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