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Immerse yourself in greenery....

I generally believe that anything is possible and so when challenged to immerse myself in greenery for at least ten minutes per day I didn’t want my office bound twelve hour days, inconveniently dark evenings nor untimely early mornings to get in my way. I just needed to use a little imagination and grab opportunities as they arose.

I work in the world of make believe, on a television soap that entertains constant catastrophes and emotional drama. Over the top as it may sound watching professional actors respond to a set as if it is real life has taught me a lot about how to manipulate my surroundings to my advantage, whilst feeding my emotional needs.

And so peering through a barbed wired fence onto a childless playground I was determined to create my own sanctuary, regardless of time restrictions or limited scenery. It wasn’t difficult to imagine myself on a faraway beach as I sat on the the cold tarmac but lucky enough to have sun on my face.

Although expecting to spend this time alone, I opened my greenery adventures up to any willing participating colleagues. Taking this time out away from my desk, removing the risk of working over my break allowed me to engage with people on a more personal level. They say that good friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable. So what about comfortable silence with someone you don't really know. As I sat side by side with a colleague who up until this point was not much more than a stranger I found the gap closing ever so slightly. A glorious surprise resulting from breaking bad habits and trying something new I thought.

The next day found me strolling around my exterior surroundings, coffee in hand. Again new interaction was met and I found myself enjoying the company of further colleagues and engaging in new conversations. The days to follow proved impossible to get outside at break time, the only air reaching my lungs being the ventolin from my reliever haler. I did however take advantage of an early finish by going for a run in the park on one of the evenings. That night I promised myself that I would not let myself go so long without connecting to nature and myself again. You know, the usual promise to oneself after a dose of endorphin!

Although my escapes were not exactly immersive in greenery the grass covered sidewalks were enough to get me out into the nature. It is simply too easy to get stuck in a slumber, using your breaks for Facebook updates and text messaging and collapse onto your sofa at the end of a working day. Ten minutes is enough to break this vicious cycle and I found myself more calm and renewed. We are all aware of the benefits of vitamin D, fresh oxygen and the calming influence of a green space but simply don't take the necessary time to reap these benefits. Sitting in a Green chair drinking green tea and staring out the window at a tree is perhaps a bit of a cheat but is the minimal promise I will make to myself.

This experiment has been a gentle encouragement to help eradicate laziness and listen more honestly to my own basic needs. No more excuses or martyrdom! Step away from the desk and if the light blinds me when I step outside then I have waited too long to get there..

Sarah-Kate Goodwin

A Great Wake Up Champion!. A Chronically indecisive worrier. A Painfully forgetful dreamer. A self deprecating over thinker and a rather untidy perfectionist, but with all the luck of The Irish and A Champion all the same!


Go to the profile of Fiona Dolben
almost 6 years ago
I think it's wonderful that you used your imagination in this way.. When life gives you lemons and all that X
Go to the profile of Sarah-Kate Goodwin
almost 6 years ago
Yes, some of the missions are requiring that I be a little creative If Im to even attempt them Fi!x
Go to the profile of Chris Baréz-Brown
almost 6 years ago
Great to be so creative! Well done. C x