Finally at last into the wild wood

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So there we were, finally at last, me and Shinrin Yoku in the wild wood. I’d found some energy to start the challenge of embracing nature and forest bathing (hurray) and Mr Cold had been shoved back into his rightful place in the gutter thanks to his nemesis and my casual friend Aunty Biotics. I was now finally in the wild wood forest bathing. These were my thoughts and ramblings as I stepped inside the deep wild wood…

She is silent, she is still, she is timeless, she wear’s green foliage, undergrowth happiness. Embrace her, chase her, catch her and breathe her. Soak up her healing power. She is an all-powerful energy giver. She wears every-sheen of green, auburns and deeper hues too. She’s your friend and forever giver of magic. She resides in a place that breathes, that lives, that sees, that gives. I’m so lost in her deep wild wood.

She captures my innocence, and she enhances my spirit and she can’t stop giving. She’s the wisest living thing I’ve ever known. I ask her a question and she knows the answer, showing me the way forward. I feel naturally safe in her deep wild wood. I’m never on my own, never alone as she wraps me up in her warm afterglow. She basks in the sunlight, wakes up the day, shake’s it all up. She basks in the moonlight watching over us, never giving up. I breathe, I live, I am and I always exist more when I bathe in her magical never aging beauty. She sparkles and kisses me softly on the head, I’m blessed and then she just keeps on giving.

I leave her, knowing she’ll always be here waiting for me any time I want her. I smile and leave Shinrin Yoku behind knowing there will be further bathing deep in the wild wood.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up