The Wake Up road

Reflection Time - week thirteen of Wake Up

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The more I think of it life is just a journey down a series of roads. At this moment in time in front of me the road is clear. Sometimes I see something on the horizon but I don’t really know what it is until it gets closer. I no longer worry about what’s ahead of me because there’s nothing I can do about it until it gets closer. When it becomes clear what it is I can only hope I have the skill, knowledge and judgement to deal with it. If from nowhere something crashes in to me I need to find the tools I have gained from all the other roads I’ve travelled down to help me get through that moment. There are junctions I will come to and decisions I will have to make but I can only make them when I reach them, I don’t need to worry about them.

Behind me is the road I’ve travelled so far. If I look back I can see good times as well as collisions, mistakes, potholes and debris, incidents and wrong judgements. Some have occurred when my driving has been erratic or I’ve lost focus or where I could have handled situations better. Some of the incidents weren’t really my fault. In order for a smoother journey on the road ahead I need to learn from the road that’s behind me. And the good thing is while I’m travelling on the road ahead I can stop at any time and look back on the road I’ve travelled and learn from it to enable a more enjoyable ride ahead.

The road I’m travelling on now is called Wake Up and I’m enjoying this road a lot. There are other traveller’s on this road and they’re called ‘wake up bloggers’. We are all travelling on the same journey, all travelling at different speeds, all using different routes to get to some destination. I love hearing the other bloggers experiences because it enhances my own journey and makes it more rewarding and I thank them for that. I’ve been on a great journey so far and hope their journey brings them the same joy.

The two words that keep coming up on this journey are light and focus. I have so much more light in my life and sharp focus from the Wake Up road, it’s incredible. And all I had to do to receive all this light and focus was to open up to new concepts. I feel this is the key to getting the most out of the Wake Up journey. If you’re an old stick in the mud or scared of letting light in, or opening up to your feelings and letting things go that are tying you down then you won’t make the most of the journey. I’m sorry if that sounds smug or sanctimonious but it’s my honest opinion. The Wake Up journey works best if you are open to it. Is it life-changing? It can be whatever you want it to be. For me, it’s woken me up. I still have sleepy moments but when I am awake I see more light and focus on what I want and need from life. When I do have sleepy moments I wind down the window and try to let fresh air in (I go for a walk and think about what I’ve learned through ‘wake up’ and the positive change I’m going through).

Reflecting on the journey so far I remember struggling with a road I came to called Stuffication. I momentarily stalled but I let in light and focused and then I understood why it was a struggle. The struggle made me aware of what I have and what I needed for the rest of my journey. It was a massive turning point. I decluttered and continue to declutter. But more importantly because of Stuffication it allowed me to lay down some roots which was something I yearned to do (I am currently in the process of buying a small apartment). This would not have happened without travelling on the Wake Up road and stalling at Stuffication and seeing the light and focusing.

By the way the view from the window of the apartment is superb. It’s so good when I move in I might have a bed-in like Lennon and Yoko did in Amsterdam. The apartment is also at the foot of the Malvern Hills so I expect to embrace nature more which of course was another element of the Wake Up road. When I move in I would love to invite all the ‘wake up’ family to visit but there’s only enough room for me, Sarah and Bobby, (it’s all we need). Then again I’ll probably be able to let two people in at a time, ahem. Give me a call in advance because if I’ve got no one visiting you are more than welcome to visit.

I know without letting in light and focusing I wouldn’t have wanted to live in a small but energy-giving place. Once again if I come across smug I don’t mean to, I’m just trying to share the things I have learned on this journey. The harder I’ve found the challenge in ‘wake up’ the more I’ve gotten out of it (remember ‘share the love’?).

‘Share the love’ was a great first experiment. Even now I still share the love. Maybe not in such a direct way but I still share the love when I feel it needs sharing and I know it’s always in my arsenal. Like a fat revolver in my pocket, cocked and ready to share the love (I know, it does sound so rude, I blush – apologies). But ‘wake up’ can connect you to the real you and the world and people around you. I think ‘wake up’ has also given me confidence in things I enjoy doing.

Finally, I feel my reflections are less intense than previous reflections because I’m letting much more light in and focusing more and I’m having real fun with the experiments. I feel privileged to be part of ‘wake up’ and being able to share what I’m going through. Equally I feel privileged to read what the other the bloggers share. I genuinely love reading their experiences and feel we are in a way a family because we share so much and reveal so much to each other and deep down we all want the same thing – a great wake up in 2016.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


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almost 6 years ago
Just lovely :)
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almost 6 years ago
Mark, what a great blog - love the thought of us all travelling together! And I'm so jealous of your apartment!!! I'd love to downsize and have tried to no avail to convince my other half... But you've given me a great idea for an experiment of my own - a week of trying on a pared down life. Ha, I will have to ponder that :-) Thanks!
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almost 6 years ago
Fi, Vanessa, thanks for your kind words and I do believe we are all on the same journey and it's great and it can be whatever want it to be and I do see a lot of us as an extended family because of our shared experiences and how giving we are to each, letting other's into our deeper thoughts - it's a great experience. Take it easy Mark