Will I ever escape the day job?

You've made the decision. You're ready to leave the day job.

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You've accepted that it's time to step out and do something different in work.  You've been contemplating a few ideas for a while now.

The current job situation has just pushed you to the limit and something inside you has changed.  You're ready to quit the day job and start making some changes.

As you accept and feel happier about your decision on where you're going; you feel the mini celebrations taking place internally - the relief, the moment of joy, the clarity of what you're going to do... finally! 

As you start to think about "operation leave my job" the realisation starts to hit you, that this day job may just be needed a little while longer.

Maybe a few months more or a year perhaps; it's an opportunity to build on your savings to support you financially if you're making a big career leap.  Or perhaps you've got to take a course to get a qualification and it's going to take some time, so the day job is needed just to cover the bills and help you live... for now.

At first when you've reached that decision about quitting the job, it's exciting.  Similar to a scene from a movie when it all clicks into place, the choir breaks into a chorus of 'hallelujah' and fireworks are set off into the dark sky as you realise where you're going and it feels fantastic.

The next part is building on your lightbulb moment and making that career change happen, so you can head into work with your head held high, confident as you hand over your letter of resignation.

It's this part that can create a wave of emotions.  That period of time from making the decision to getting things in place can feel lengthy and create the internal battle as your thoughts turn to...

Am I doing the right thing?  

Nothing is happening, I'm going to be stuck in this job forever

Will this career leap EVER happen?

All great changes take time, passion and commitment.

Little tests pop up to see if you're truly committed to seeing this through.  If you'll just give up and stay where you are and put it all down to a pipe-dream.

Hope can be lost and momentum wilts as you feel your career leap move further and further away.

When this moment happens, it's time to call it out.  Recognise what's going on and set the wheels in motion to keep you on track to bringing your career change to life.

I promise you, that you can escape the day job and kickstart your career change.

  • Be realistic about what you can achieve and when:  that amazing idea or decision sets off a chain of emotions and events in your mind as you think about what you'll do.  This is the time to jump on the planning.  Get clear on what you need to do, list everything that needs to happen and when this is likely to happen.  Plans can be tweaked and adapted easily, a good plan always keeps room for alterations, because life changes, but getting clear on what needs to be done is essential to making any change happen successfully in your career
  • Take action: so from that plan think about what you can do either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  At the start of the week get clear on what you're going to do.  Little steps result in big changes.
  • Be gentle with yourself: remember this is not a sprint, it's a marathon.  Career changes take time and as you continue to move forward achieving those little steps, it's important to recognise your accomplishments.  The wins that you've had must be celebrated to keep you motivated for the next ones.  It can often feel overwhelming when you're continuing the day job, having a life and then working towards a career change, so take a moment each week purely for you to rest and relax.  Just 10 minutes can have a massive impact on your body and mind.

It can be so easy to stay focused on the end goal that we lose sight of where we are right now, wishing our life was already there in the future - finishing the day job and starting the career or work we REALLY want to be doing - but remember each new day you wake up, you are where you are today.  

Being in that day job and seeing its purpose for now brings a whole new meaning.  It's a stepping stone to where you want to be.

Because my friend when you do reach that day of handing your notice in and skipping off to your new career venture, you'll have learnt so much wisdom and grown in your experience that you will be ready for your next exciting adventure.

Josie Copsey

Life Change Expert, Author, Mentor, Josie Copsey Ltd

Career changes, figuring out the perfect job, building incredible leaders and wellbeing are my jam. But before all of this, there was a corporate girl who had to go through quite a few setbacks, lessons and experiences. Ambitious, driven and focused I built a very successful change and training career that spanned over two decades. Helping leadership teams of large companies to transform their business. But back in 2013 I had enough. I was lost and didn’t recognise who I was anymore. A combination of being professionally bullied, suffering with burnout from working 12-hour days and zero personal life had done me in. My corporate work life had taken over me, I was selling my soul to a job and my health was suffering as a result. I took action and quit the job. Getting clear on my career was the ultimate light-bulb moment for me. But, there had been no definitive path in how I go about making this career change happen; all I knew was what I wanted to do and my determination and focus guided me through. I’m a gal who loves to plan and organise – a couple of my superpowers – so I documented every step and action I took knowing that one day, this would help others just like me. Those who have an idea on what they want to do, but unsure how to make it happen. Those who feel lost and hate their job, but don’t know what to do. Those who are stuck and looking for direction. I teach what I’ve done personally to build a career doing what I love and living the life I want. I’m all about taking action; you tell me what you want and I’ll show you how to make it happen. It is absolutely possible and achievable to be in a job you love; a job that brings you purpose and job satisfaction. You’re here for a reason. Your talents, your heart, your passion – you are one of a kind.