Forest Bathing

Week 12 already - and the challenge was to get outside. Challenge accepted!

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This week's challenge spoke to my heart - there is nothing I like better than getting out in a woodland for a walk. GPs of Britain take note, the Japanese are way ahead of you with their prescription of 'forest bathing' for stressed and unhappy urbanites! (Just in case you didn't read Chris's post, this is metaphorical bathing, not your literal ablutions - although I've tried that as well and can highly recommend it as a Wake Up experience!)

I'm not blessed with a lot of forest - more's the pity - so I tweaked the prescription to "fen bathing" and got my boots on. And all I can say is "try it"! It didn't seem to matter whether the walks were long or short, just spending some time with trees and grass and water and THAT AMAZING SKY was so grounding. This is mindfulness made easy, with just enough activity and action to engage you fully in the moment; these solitary rambles are definitely a permanent fixture for me!

By the way, for a (fairly dark...) inspiration to get outside, have a look at this - aren't you grateful now that you have the opportunity??? ;-)


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