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I've been recently preparing a series of masterclasses helping leaders manage talent. I've been invited because I'm seen as the wacky - eccentric who doesn't speak HR but instead tells managers and leaders to truly look at people, get curious, create honest conversations about the spark of talent and skills they see in that person and unleash it. And so in preparing the packs of materials, I gave the programme attendees these two webinar links by writers and thinkers I admire.

Drive: Surprising insights into what motivates us by Dan Pink author of Drive


How to help every child fulfill their potential by Educationalist Carol Dweck -

but the video that did not make it into the pack is this interview with the acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich who explores the darker side of positive thinking.

If you have a look - you will know why?

So why am I telling you this? Because today's world encourages us to show up with masks, put on a smile and pretend life is ok and yet what I see in my practice is people suffering: at work, in relationships, and within themselves. Why? Because their hearts and minds are disconnected from each other.

Imagine this. Your partner or boss disappoints you. Sure you can change your thoughts about it. You can 'reframe' the situation. But, how do you bring your heart on-board when you feel let down, hurt, overlooked, taken for granted etc...

This is what my work is about. Helping people live in integrity, authenticity and a feeling of contentment brought about by kindness, smart living and more heart based human connection.

I encourage people to connect and own their feelings. To inquire deeply into the Why's and How Comes? of their situation so they can discover themselves in their place of truth. It is here that heart and mind meet and potential for magic exists.

I'm not saying if you're honest and heartfelt you will always get what you want. Absolutely not! But what I am saying is that the most resourceful way to live is in honesty with yourself. When we stand in what is we grasp the magic handle of power to change our circumstances and create what we truly want. And that is our responsibility to ourselves.

In the 30 days of the goal setting course I'm leading in collaboration with Psychologies Magazine and Life Labs - I will be inviting you into your heart's truth about your job, life, how you treat yourself, and how you take yourself forward in life by learning and developing your skills and talents. I hope you will join me for what I hope will be a hugely rewarding journey. I can't wait! And you can be sure I will be taking the same steps with you myself.

Magdalena Bak-Maier

Author, Guide, Magically Real Heart & Mind Connector, Make Time Count ltd

Magdalena Bak-Maier helps people connect and align their heart and mind in service of their ‘big agenda’. Her writing, teachings and models clearly show that the secret of success, wellbeing and joy resides in our nervous system and how we use it. Trained neuroscientists and coach to world’s elite performers, Magdalena teaches her tools and approach to all those interested in learning about it. So far this has included top NASA engineers, NHS doctors, emerging global leaders, coaches and wellbeing experts across the world. She has been also sharing her work with Psychologies readers through NowLive events and for those living in London you can catch her at the School of Life. Magdalena’s first book, Get Productive! (Capstone, 2012) includes 36 thought-provoking exercises and practical advice to empower readers to become masters of their own time, and achieve exceptional results continuously. Get Productive! received very positive reviews from customers and press alike, and quickly became a bestseller in the personal development arena. The Get Productive Grid (2015) her second book, is a no nonsense practical tool called the Grid for achieving life, work and career goals whilst making time for critical self-care. Having studied burnout at work (The Times, 2013) and working with people who struggle to realise their aspirations, the Grid conditions focus, effective habits of goal setting and progressive realisation steps towards results. If you want to achieve results whilst feeling you absolutely love who you are let Magdalena be your productivity guide. www.maketimecount.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBsuIAscshE