Job-hunting issues for young people - 1

​"I'm really scared about all this - I just want to stay at home and never have to go for a job!" Nicola Morgan tackles the first of a series of questions or worries that young people (or their adults) might have about getting into work

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(If you’re an adult reading this, please pass it to any young person who might need it.)

Feeling scared is really natural! There may be moments when you’re really excited, too, but if you’re mostly scared, let me try to reassure you.

It’s normal and even healthy to feel scared about new things, especially when they are full of uncertainty – and the future is. If you have an older brother or sister, or if you know exactly what you want to do, or if you have friends who’ve started work, all those things make the world of work seem less scary. But if none of those things apply to you, it’s very understandable to be scared.

You may be one of those people (like me!) who perhaps over-thinks things. We go through all the “what if?” questions until we’d almost rather not try. Thinking and worrying are not bad things, but if they stop us doing things that might turn out to be really exciting and positive, they can be.

You may also feel you’re not good enough or that you’ll never be able to learn what you need to know. Again, that’s 100% understandable. When you start a new job, no one expects you to be able to do it at first. But you will pick it up. Most jobs are completely different from everything we did at school – for everyone.

You may be scared because you’ve no idea what you want to be or do. I’m going to tackle that in another post but the main point is: it doesn’t matter! There are SO many more possibilities than you can imagine. There are jobs you’ve never heard of and jobs your parents and teachers have never heard of.

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t enjoy the first job you get. You can change. I read a statistic this week (which I can’t find now) that over 90% of people change to a completely different job at least once in their first three years of work.

So, you’re over-analysing. Keep your mind open, stay calm and be patient. Be prepared to take anything at first, because you never know where it might lead – new jobs, new friends, new ideas.

And follow my next posts, which will give you tips to make the whole things easier.

Good luck! We don’t know what’s ahead of us but if we don’t open the door, we’ll never find out.

PS: The Teenage Guide to Stress is published TODAY. And yesterday I had the most lovely email from a 16yo girl which made it all feel worthwhile.

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