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Week 11 of ‘wake up’ - I will wake up one hour earlier to do something I have always meant to do

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My initial thought to this week’s challenge was: Wow this shit’s just got real!

This was the challenge I knew I had to face and I faced it with real relish. That’s what the ‘wake up’ was all about and through ‘wake up’, as well as some contributors I’ve followed on Life Labs, I have been given a confidence and positive outlook that I always knew was there but afraid to embrace and bring into the open for fear of ridicule. But not anymore; thanks to Chris, Lydia, Sian and the other ‘wake up’ family members who are having a positive effect on me – thank you one and all.

I knew straight away what my indulgent passion was even if I never admitted it in public. And now it was time to bring it in to the open and admit to loving it; admit to wanting to write. This challenge allowed me to toy with my writing, play with it, to have fun with it and to find out what it meant to me. This is what I found…

I knew this challenge was the first one in ‘wake up’ that questioned how much I wanted to write. The only question was would the exercise bring out some of my ‘comedy genius’ (even if I say so myself, ahem) or would I write something deep and touching. Did it matter because they were two masks I wore often? Two masks that I wore like a duelling scar, a beautiful scar.


When I woke I found myself full of energy, waking up twenty minutes before I had to get up. I woke up with loads of comedy in my mind and spent the next hour writing about onomatopoeia in connection with Marvel comics. What I wrote wasn’t very long but it amused me greatly and I realised the exercise was worth doing even if only for myself amusement, it put a smile on my face. What I’d written wasn’t earth-shattering or maybe even original (it might have been though) and it certainly wouldn’t change anyone’s life but it might put a smile on someone’s face (come on let’s face, who are we kidding you know it would). That’s the great thing with comedy/humour – it’s subjective - you either get it or you don’t. With a smile on my face I waited for day two to come rolling round with or without a BANG!


Bang! Like the previous day I woke up earlier than expected full of energy ready to write. I was going to start writing about the experiences I’ve had in the last eleven years in my job because some of the stories are amusing while others are bemusing. I think my experiences would be beneficial for anyone contemplating doing this job and also a decent read full of anecdotes. But I knew I needed more time to start a project that encompassed more than a decade of hard slog and anecdotes. Furthermore I just had an overriding urge to write about the Bobster (AKA the Duke of Malvern AKA Sly AKA Bobby, my Labrador). And I did. I spent more than an hour trying to capture his brilliance, his gift that makes me so happy in the mornings, every morning. I wanted to write about it and share it because the connection a man has to his four legged friend is indestructible.

I felt even more creative today and galvanised with the belief that I was proving to myself once again that I could write. I didn’t want to go to work. I wanted to sit in all day and write and write and write! Alas, back in the real world I had to go to work. It was Mother’s Day, a big day in the pub calendar, a long thankless day in the industry, but to be honest I felt pissed off that I couldn’t continue to write because I just wanted to write. The challenge was bringing my creativity to the surface and it was bubbling away.


Like the previous two days I woke up focused on writing and spent the morning putting more meat on the bones of a story that’s been in my head and saved on a file for a few years now. Also like the previous two days I thoroughly enjoyed this creative time and knew that it’s something I need to do, possibly on a daily basis. I couldn’t help feeling that this whole exercise had become all inspiring.


Like the previous three days I woke before I needed to but by day four I felt tired, possibly because of the effort I put into Mother’s Day and work itself. The weather wasn’t helping, it was moody outside. Nevertheless I woke with a flurry of ideas mostly of a comedy nature. Unfortunately there were too many ideas and they gave me a bit of a writer’s block because I couldn’t focus on one thing. After some persuasion I started to write about the funny side of the design of the human body. Like day one I amused myself. It was then I realised that if you want to write something you need to focus down on it which was a skill I needed to develop.

This challenge as clearly showed me that I need to find time to write. It’s no good thinking about writing, I need to actively keep doing it and working at it all the time. I can’t use the excuse of working long hours as the reason I don’t write as often as I should. Also, getting up early to complete this challenge was brilliant and rewarding but I have to be realistic and acknowledge I wouldn’t be able to do that all the time but I must make time somewhere. I have therefore decided to kick on from merely indulging in writing willy-nilly to taking it further, more seriously. I have a structured plan in mind and my writing needs to come first and focused.

This was a superb challenge that I will continue to do, a challenge that asked me to stand up and be counted, and guess what? I was one of the numbers! Thanks ‘wake up’.

Mark Cuddy

Someone who learned to wake up


Go to the profile of Jacqui
almost 6 years ago
Mark you can absolutely feel the energy radiating from this blog! Great stuff!
Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
almost 6 years ago
Thanks Jacqui, I really loved doing this experiment and hope you enjoy indulging in your passion as much as I did in mine. Take it easy, Mark.
Go to the profile of Vicki
almost 6 years ago
Always scary taking that stand. Well done and best of luck with the progression of your story.
Go to the profile of Mark Cuddy
almost 6 years ago
Cheers Vicki.