This month, teenage expert Nicola Morgan will cover every aspect of job-hunting from the viewpoint of young people and the adults who care about them

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I want to do a series of short posts, each covering one small aspect of the BIG subject of job-hunting for young people straight out of school/college/university (or still in education but looking ahead.) So I thought I'd start with a list of topics I'll cover over this month.

It can be such a stressful time for everyone concerned. Often, we adults are out of touch with how things are in the job market or may not know enough about the particular area a young person wants to go into. We (adults) can sometimes panic and even give the wrong advice - I know I did! But my daughters (24 and 27) are now in work and I've almost stopped worrying. I have also seen things from an employer's point of view and I've given work experience to young people myself, so I hope I can be helpful in lots of ways.

I also know that getting over-stressed isn't going to help anyone. The Teenage Guide to Stress will help with any physical stress symptoms!

So, here are the questions I will answer over the next month. (And on July 16th at 1pm I'm doing a webinar Q&A on the Psychologies site, so look out for that and do ask questions, otherwise I'll look a bit silly.)

"I'm really scared about all this - I just want to stay at home and never have to go for a job!""

"Everyone else has got work experience and I don't - help!"

"Unpaid internships – should I do them or are they slave labour?"

"I don’t have great exam results – how can I make my CV better?"

An encouraging secret about job applications

"What do employers really want? And how can I show I've got it?"

"What can parents do to support/help?"

"What makes a great letter/application? I'm not a brilliant writer so give me clear and simple tips."

"I haven’t left school yet – what can I be doing to plan for the future?"

"I don’t know what I want to be! Help!"

"Interviews make me sick with nerves so I never show my best side."

"My son/daughter seems to have no energy or self-confidence for job-hunting - I despair."

Ten Top Tips For Adults Supporting Young Job-Hunters

Ten Top Tips for Young Job-Hunters

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