Half term break

The Great Wake Up! Week 8

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I completed experiment 7 during the half term week as I have a tight schedule term-time with work and getting the children to school and clubs but I do love the huge sigh of relief that the half term brings. I try to schedule some family activities in during the school holidays so that we can appreciate each other for the individuals we are and build on our skills and knowledge. On one such outing at a 'park' (the broadest possible sense of the word; more like a forest hike in the countryside) we ended up totally off piste and went Bear Grylls style, practically mountaineering and helping each other down near vertical muddy slopes...crossing a river and then climbing back up the other side...totally petrifying at the time and yet we learned so much about ourselves and each other and it was certainly an adventure that we'll never forget.

I feel that the year so far is going well, I've made a conscious effort to stop trying to control everything (because some things are beyond my control and when I do, it increases my own stress levels and makes me miserable). I am living more in the moment and as a result I feel that I am having more fun this year. I have managed to catch up with friends and family I have not seen in ages but I have not worried about the things I have not 'pulled off' yet as the year is early and so much is still achievable.

Much love and best wishes,


Rebecca Ashworth

2016 Wake Up! Champion Blogger (amoungst others)