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The Great Wake Up! Week 7 experiment

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I make a conscious effort to do this during each of the school holidays for at least a couple of days. I tend to be a 'planner' most of the time; going through the list of things to do, fitting in activities and days out to entertain the troops and catch up with friends and the February half term started off in much the same way. My OH brought my obsessive filling of times and days to my attention, suggesting that we should give our children the opportunity to choose what they want to do, after all it's their holiday/break too. So I've taken a back seat, put my compulsive planning on hold and simply gone with the flow.

I love the chilled out atmosphere that school holidays bring - no early morning alarm clock and no mad rush to be up and out, grabbing breakfast as the doors slams shut and putting the finishing touched to my attire in the car on the way, which brings with it a more relaxed mum (benefitting everyone, including myself and possibly the neighbours too). I hate that I live life in the fast lane, always in a rush and rarely able to enjoy the here and now at a reasonable pace, with my lunch break dictated to me rather than taken when I'm hungry so I have relished the opportunity to tune in to my own body clock for a (welcome) change. I have woken up when I've had enough sleep, eaten when hungry and gone to bed when I'm tired rather than when I think I should to be up in time for work the next day. Only 6 weeks (4 now) to go until the next school holidays (not that I'm counting - honestly)!

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Rebecca Ashworth

2016 Wake Up! Champion Blogger (amoungst others)


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over 5 years ago
You are so right, simpler in the holidays, bravo for making that work for you C xx