Daily acts of kindness

The task this week was to do something kind for someone each day.

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I'm beginning to see a theme here; the hardest tasks for me are the ones requiring interaction. I guess I could play the introvert card, but the truth is I can interact with people - as long as who and when are on my terms...

We're actually at sea this week, and a cruise ship to the Arctic is arguably not a great place to find people in need of help. So I interpreted the task broadly and tried to be concious of smiling at people and chatting with whoever was on our table at meals. I stood aside to let wheelchairs cross in the narrow corridors (there are lot of wheelchair users on cruises - who knew?) - and smiled while I did it. I even knelt in the snow to photograph a fellow passenger on a shore excursion, which I think gets major brownie points as I had to take my gloves off to do it - imagine for a moment removing your gloves in the Arctic... Basically, I set myself the goal of ensuring people came away from encounters with me feeling positive.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a monster with the social skills of a medieval jailor, just a busy, focused person... Who sometimes forgets to come out of work mode... As I rush through my days I tend to do things as efficiently as possible, and that doesn't generally include superfluous interaction (although my height seems to make me popular at supermarkets if I ever pause!).

At the end of the week, I can say this was a good challenge. And one I'll try again. I enjoyed having random positive encounters in my days and connecting with people, even if only briefly. I liked the way it made me feel about myself, like I was more connected and just generally nicer. It made me remember the girl I used to be. I'm kind of looking forward to the next little old lady who asks me to get something for her from the top shelf...


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almost 6 years ago
Ha, ha, ha - I love the last line because yesterday I was in a supermarket and a little old lady asked me to reach to the top shelf for her. I felt great doing this small act. What would she have made for her tea without the sweet potatoes I grabbed for her? God bless her! The small things we do for others are big things for them and can give us great rewards too. Take it easy. Mark.
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almost 6 years ago
So true :-) and thanks for the big smile your comment created!
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almost 6 years ago
Hey Vanessa, I really liked the bit where you said 'ensuring people came away from encounters with me feeling positive' I think that's a great way to look at your interactions with people. Sometimes circumstances will require otherwise but for the remainder that will be my aim. I think I also need to work on my 'superfluous interaction' a bit. It made me laugh as sometimes I come away from conversations, encounters etc and think, why didn't I say /do that.