How Overwhelm Can Show Up In Your Life And One Way Of Overcoming It

​Overwhelm can creep in like a big black cloud that has no sign of lifting. Have you been there? I have, but I’ll tell you more about that and how it inspired a big transformation in my life in this blog, whilst also giving you some tips to help shift overwhelm when it creeps in for you...

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What I see from the incredible individuals I get to work with is that experiencing overwhelm can make you feel like you’re locked in a dark room with no exit signs.

There are many reasons overwhelm can rear its ugly head, here are a few...

  • Over committing and promising yourself to too many people
  • Putting a lot of pressure on yourself to achieve, hit targets or be the best
  • Juggling lots of different situations or projects at once
  • Being run down so that everything just feels a bit too much
  • Worrying what others think of you and trying to please all the time

BUT ...

The number one reason I see intelligent, hard working and savvy individuals being thrown into overwhelm is...NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR LIVES.

Have I been there? Yes BIG time. A few years ago I felt really stuck and lost, I knew I had greater potential but I just didn’t know which path to take. Not knowing which direction to head in sent me into a frustrated, crying, miserable mess of overwhelm.

Cue big black cloud

When has overwhelm knocked on your door or who do you know that is in the grip of it? Possibly someone who’s been slaving away in the city in a 9-5 for years, squeezing themselves into the sweaty armpit of a passenger on board the tube they take to work who in the words of Ross from Friends has had “Enough already”. Deep down they want a change but knowing what that change is and making a decision feels too overwhelming. It’s the not knowing what to do that creates the frustration. Don’t worry, I get it it’s a scary bold move, changing direction in life but I have a cool sciencey bit I want to share with you that I think will help you, or the friend you’re thinking of.

It’s no big news that overwhelm is a form of stress. When we are stressed for long periods (like not knowing what to do with our lives) we can over produce the hormone Cortisol which floods the pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that’s in charge of decision making. This is what can cause us to feel heady, foggy and like we’re in a dark room with no exits. What I think is great about this and why I am sharing it with you is that it means you’re not actually stuck, it’s just your body stopping you from thinking clearly.

There are many neuro-scientific studies providing proof on how coaching works. Here’s how

Firstly-coaching gives you a space to be heard with no distractions. Time that is all about you. This sends signals to your body that you’re ok and that you’re not stressed, no more Cortisol, thank you please.

Secondly - coaching asks questions and when you find an answer the neurons in your brain connect creating a new pathway.

Thirdly – A new pathway triggers emotion and when true emotion is behind an idea or insight it drives action, hence moving you out of your stressed situation.

I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty freaking cool, but then I am biased. It offers you a blank canvas to design the life of your dreams so that you no longer have to put up with a life half lived.

I believe that no one should feel trapped in their own life, what do you think? Go ahead and share this with the friend you were thinking of earlier and help them find the escape route.

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