5 Tips For Making Your Own Business A Success

I often wonder if everybody has what it takes to start their own business...What do you think? I know firsthand that it’s tough, you become a parent to your business which requires the same attention as a new born baby, you’re handholding your business when all you really want is someone to take your hand and say, “It’s going to be OK”. I believe that everyone HAS got what it takes to start their own business BUT only if you REALLY want it, warts and all... so have you got what it takes?

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Just like making baby, it takes two to Tango, or more depending on what you’re into. I’m more of the traditional type when it comes to bedroom antics but when it’s my business, I’ll take all the love and support I can get.

Entrepreneurs often start with all the enthusiasm in the world and then a year later after the excitement has worn off, they are completely deflated and on the verge of giving up because it got hard and they didn’t reach out for help.

If you are thinking of starting a business or in the first 1-3 years of business, I want to help.

Here are my 5 top tips to consider before taking the leap or deciding to quit.

1. Ask for help – There are thousands of successful entrepreneurs out there who have failed many times and can tell you exactly what you need to do. Don’t do it the hard way, learn from the experienced. Also don’t be afraid to call on your friends, it is awkward at first and they might start to get a bit bored of you asking but they’re your friends, they will want to see you succeed and once you’re rolling in it, you can treat them all to something glamorous to say thanks

2. Be committed – Just like becoming a parent, your life will change, you will have a new priority that is demanding on your time and patience. Although you will love your business unconditionally there will be times when you dream of the security of employment .The first 1-3 years of business are the hardest because you’re business is a new born and it will require 24 hour care but then after that, it will start to take care of itself and one day it may even partner with another business and you can take that cruise you’ve always dreamed of.

3. Keep failing - You need to fail to learn how to not do things and trust me, in the first few years of business you will do lots of things that feel like you failed. Fear of failure will want to stop you from putting yourself out there because we think failure is bad but I like to think of it as the same pain you get when you’re working out, in the words of my trainer, “You need it”. Be grateful for your failures because they teach you how to succeed.

4. Don’t give up – The first time I tried to start Life Cleanse, it didn’t happen, so I thought I’d failed, when actually I just didn’t do the three things above. I tried to do it alone and figure it all out for myself, I was entirely dedicated because I had another job and I saw my mistakes as failure and reason to quit. I nearly gave up on my dream. Do not quit, it takes time and perseverance. On average it takes 3 years for a business to start working for itself, so stick with it and never give up.

5. Be Sure – It can be hard to know if you’re making the right decision or not. Everyone is different and some people prefer to be directed and have the security of a monthly wage packet, than keeping themselves motivated and being their own boss. What do you value more? Consider your motivations for starting your own business, if it’s just because you hate your current boss or because you want more holidays, then that might not be enough. Be sure your mission for the business (even if it’s simply to make lots of money) speaks to your heart and soul as well as your mind, because that is what will drive you to make it work.

I help ambitious individuals realise their dreams of becoming their own boss, if you have an idea or feel like giving up, I’m here to help.

The world needs your dream.

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Lydia Kimmerling

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